Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekend Recovery

This morning's run was four miles, Lady J and I are planning to push it to a 10K this Wednesday, after all I have a half marathon in five weeks and her first 10K is coming up in May. Plus we know a route now! *smile*

In other running news, Diana or Running Chick in an Orange Hat who was the first running blog I followed is published in Runner's World. How Cool is that?! Yeah, she's bad.

Not much news in Running Stitch land, getting caught up on my blogs after this weekend, updating Heart and Sole website with run statistics, and chasing Mr. Moo around. He's learned to open drawers and throw things from the drawers at the same time. Fun.

In crafting news, another Month of Softies passes me by. Next Month! But I did enjoy re-reading Alice in Wonderland. I promise myself.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

A New Look

Well, what do you think? Sister Ren made a new masthead for me, isn't it swell? Now if I could just get my Wordpress account working.

I've had lots of advice from blog friends, but my learning curve is not high on this project, and I haven't had the time to really devote to the new process. But anyday now....KAPOW! Holy Wordpress Batman I'll have figured it out.

Any. Day. Now.

Back to School

Well, the first Annual Heart and Sole Run is over! And it went great! Very smooth, and it looks like, we ended up in the black, which I had hoped for, but our financial team had told me would probably not happen!

Go Kiwanis Go!

We had 62 runner show up, and for the first run with only six weeks of advertising, I thought it went amazingly well!!

My sister took this picture of The Man (turned away from you) Lady J (in hat and red Heart'n Sole shirt) Me, with my back to the camera in a yellow hat and off to the left in a green troll shirt is the Queen Bee.

And of course Mr. Moo, who beat his dad by several seconds

so with that under my belt, I should write that paper due tomorrow in class. If you are my professor, I'm totally kidding, OF COURSE! I have it done!

Friday, February 25, 2005


My mom gave me this journal for Mr. Moo's first birthday. She also gave me the Willow figure pictured on the cover. When I was younger (ack! did I say that!) I loved journals. I loved cutting out pictures and pasting them inside, finding witty sayings and quotes to add to my thoughts and observations.

I still look at those journals now and again for inspiration. However I have a hard time starting a new one. I mean, you can't link to anything! I'm such a blog junkie I love being able to direct people to site, pictures, or other points of interest.

The idea of course is to start a journal for Mr. Moo to read at some point. A friend of mine did that with her daughtes and they really liked it. I tried when I was pregnant but I just didn't have the follow through.

I'd love to write in it though, Dear baby, I love the way you smell after a bath, and the way your hair is all staticky after your nap. I love the way you giggle when I kiss your baby neck and I love that you want to play on the keyboard with me, and when you get frustrated you pound on your keyboard as if to say....see what is the big deal? Then you crawl between me and the keyboard as if to say 'HELLLOOOOO!"

And then I have to stop what I'm doing and pick you up and snuggle you and tickle your legs till you laugh and forgive me.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

A whole day of NO POSTS!

Well almost....can it be? Wow I don't think I've gone a day without posting since I became a blog addict!

Anyway, I've been beating my head against the wall trying to get my wordpress acount to bend to my will. It is soooooo not working. So I've been updating my sister's blog, because blogger is my friend...for now.

On a GREAT NOTE! The t-shirts are here, and I'm really pleased with them.

I see tomorrow being a day of running around getting ready for the run so instead I will direct you to my sister's site.

She has a powerful post for illustration Friday, the topic is sorrow and her picture is a tribute to my Late grandfather.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My shoes have come!!

Woohoo! My shoes arrived yesterday...I'm so excited. It was a little nerve racking ordering them online but they are perfect up to supernova status!

Had a great four miler yesterday, last run for the week, Lady J, Queen bee and I decided to walk Friday morning as a treat for all the stress we are going through on Saturday.

I'm struggling with Wordpress this morning, hoping to move my blog there by next week, but I'm not the tech geek that I want to be, so it is a struggle.

Now I'm off to check me some blogs, and the put on my new shoes and go get firewood...because it is brrrrrrr here.

Family Wreath

Still having quilt about not accomplishing set goals of sewing Flying Pig together, but I'm busy here! As we race towards the 26th of February,(<---grautitous plug of new website) things are coming fast and furious for the Run. I've talked to no less than ten people today! I'm so excited!

With the heart theme in mind here is a picture my mom sent me of the quilt I made for my Grandma.

I got the idea from the Pajama Party Quilt that I made out of old pajamas. I used the same here, adding some of my cousin's in. Then I had my siblings and cousin send me photocopies of their hands which I traced to make the wreath.

Well I still have everyone's blogs to visit...oh yeah and the dishes to do.

My hilarious husband is in rare form today. Check out today's post.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The. Man.

And now for something completely different. ....

A website.

That's right. Thanks to The Man, the Heart and Sole run now has a place on the web.

Yes. I realize the run is Saturday. But it is all about longevity people, it is about next year, it is about advertising all year instead of just from January to February, and it is about being married to someone who puts up with your crazy plans and supports you through them and builds a website three days before the run.

That is why. We. Love. The.Man.

(and yes, I could have used more italics, but I chose not to.)

Note to Self

Note to self:

Do not leave eleven year old in charge of your son, especially when her favorite new word is “transgendered”, because you may return to find that your son has "grown" body parts.


And then you will be forced to post this picture where she looks exactly like Kasmira did at her age…


Related much?

Milkman's Quilt

Guess What? That right no crafty pictures here, move along! (to quote Zoot) Instead I'm posting a picture of the quilt I made for My Grandpa. Finished in 2001 for his birthday, it is not a terribly good picture of him, but it is the best one I have of the quilt.


Of course my grandfather insisted on pointing to the label because it says I love you grandpa! Gramps! I wanted a picture of the quilt!

The pattern was a crossroads pattern that I used in a quilt for My Mom Mom (paternal grandmother to those of you who are East Coast Challenged) I really like the pattern, because it is one of those versatile blocks you can change to make different designs. I prefer the star shape...I've notice alot of my fabric is stars and spirals, and lot of my quilt designs are starts. In fact when I designed the Mad Quilters 2003 Blocks of the Month, I made it a point to use NO STARS, because branching out is good.

In other news the child I named after Gramps, went to his one year appointment today.


Weighing in at 26.7 lbs, apparently he is not the thirty pounds that I swear he is! And measuring 32 3/4 inches long, he is only in the 95 percentile for weight and has dropped from the 120 percentile in height to 100th percentile....slacker

Monday, February 21, 2005

Not so Crafty

It's been awhile since I posted anything crafty. And this post is no different. I blame the stress, this month has been crazy! Winter Blues the first weekend, Mr. Moo's birthday this weekend and the Heart and Sole Run next weekend. Yeah! Almost there!

Last night I cut out my first flying pig though, and I hope to sew it for tomorrow. My uncle helped me move my sewing machine downstairs, so now I can get sewing done during naptime.

hurry up.jpg
Mr. Moo patiently waiting for me to open the circus train.

Unfortunately my little clockwork napper is off the clock. There has been a lot going on these last few days, what with East Coast Grandma's visit but there was only one miniscule hour long nap today....hopefully that will improve once we cruise back into our normal routine! Don't laugh at me you experienced Mamas! He will nap!

Lady J, Queen Bee, Mr. Moo and I ran the lake this morning, stopping briefly at the sight of the start of the Heart and Sole run for a little pre-race day powwow. We determined the course (of course we had this determined allready, but we cemented starting points and ending points and water station) and discussed last minute ideas.

Our last committee meeting is tomorrow, our registration packet stuffing pizza party is Friday...and EGADS... the run is Saturday. Probably I'll make it through.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Holy Cow

Well my little Mr. Moo has made a name for himself. What really blows my hair back is when relatives show up and say "hello Mr. Moo." which means...They read my blog! how bizarre is that!!

Guess how many stuffed cows he got for his birthday? Two.

And one cute sweater and hat! I wish I could say that I knitted this or at least someone I know knitted this, but in reality, My mom bought at this cute shop.


In St. Helens, Oregon, they have the cutest things there!

Isn't it funny how our little guys make a name for themselves? And speaking of making a name for themselves, look at the message on Mr. Moo's birthday card from Pixie Potter.


Tomorrow's agenda, finish the Flying Pig I started cutting out today, Run 5miles (with stroller), Pow Wow with the Heart and Sole committee. After next Saturday I'm least in my mind.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Mr. Moo

Every time I think about my life without Mr. Moo I feel this terrible pain in my heart and I want to squeeze him tight and never let him go. And because I will never be as prolific as Heather B. Armstrong, I've turned to the words of "another splendid bugger, this is really what I want to say..."


Little Nutbrown Hare, who was going to bed, held on tight to Big Nutbrown Hare's very long ears.


He wanted to be sure that Big Nutbrown Hare was listening. "Guess how much I love you," he said. "Oh, I don't think I could guess that," said Big Nutbrown Hare.


"This much," said Little Nutbrown Hare, stretching out his arms as wide as they could go.


Big Nutbrown Hare had even longer arms. "But I love you this much," he said.


Hmm, that is a lot, thought Little Nutbrown Hare.


"I love you as high as I can reach," said Little Nutbrown Hare.


"I love you as high as I can reach," said Big Nutbrown Hare. That is very high, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. I wish I had arms like that.


Then Little Nutbrown Hare had a good idea. He tumbled upside down and reached up the tree trunk with his feet. "I love you all the way up to my toes!" he said.


"And I love you all the way up to your toes,"said Big Nutbrown Hare, swinging him up over his head.


"I love you as high as I can hop!" laughed Little Nutbrown Hare, bouncing up and down.

12.24.04 Daddy and Thomas

"But I love you as high as Ican hop," smiled Big Nutbrown Hare---and he hopped so high that his ears touched the branches above.

wheelchair baby

That's good hopping, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. I wish I could hop like that.


"I love you all the way down the lane as far as the river,"cried Little Nutbrown Hare.


"I love you across the river and over the hills," said Big Nutbrown Hare.

Where is the needle going

That's very far, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. He was almost too sleepy to think anymore.

daddy and buddy asleep

Then he looked beyond the thornbushes, out into the big dark night. Nothing could be farther than the sky.


"I love you right up to the moon," he said and closed his eyes. "Oh, that's far,"said Big Nutbrown Hare.

driving onthe east side

"That's very, very far." Big Nutbrown Hare settled Little Nutbrown Hare into his bed of leaves.

5little ladybugs.jpgi

He leaned over and kissed him goodnight.

Guess how much I love you

Then he lay down close by and whispered with a smile,


"I love you right up to the moon--- and back."

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I have been completely remiss in not acknowledging the stupendous, mind boggling, too romatic for words, gift, that my husband gave me for Valentine's day.

v-day gift.jpg

That's right it is a scanner. Romantic in a cuddly, kissy way? No. Romantic in an exactly what I wanted way. YES! LOVE THE MAN!

But wait, it is still in the box. Why? you ask. How can this be? You stutter. Do you people not pay attention?! I have East Coast Company now, a first birthday party this saturday, and a Fun Run to put on next saturday, not to

I am visually fondling the scanner from a far waiting for the moment when I can rip it out of it's box, set it up, and....SCAN THINGS. Any. Thing. I. Want.

Come to think of it, in just a few short minutes there will be three people here fighting for Mr. Moo's attention. The dishes are done, the kid is clean....Look out HP ScanJet. Here I come!!!

In other blog news. KAP of Supportive Quilting husband and SIMs2 fame


has started his own blog. A little blog he introduces to us with the comment: A baptism in blogging predating premier progeny's birth. A story of a boy, the dog that loves him, and their adventures in unemloyment.

Why aren't you there? Reading his stuff?

Note to Self

Note to Self:
If you have just mopped the floor, to prove to your Relatives (and yourself) that you do in fact clean the house, DO NOT let the dog in.

Unless you want to clean up the mud.

Then go ahead, let the dog in.

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

Right now. I’m working on breathing in. And breathing out. Mr. Moo is not napping. Instead he is talking in loud excited “NA NA NA no no no no’s” to his bottle. In his crib. Where he is staying. For at least an hour. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

Yeah, that wave of stress, I’ve been staving off for days, came crashing down this morning. On. My. Head. First, I didn’t make it out of bed this morning for my run, and I really needed a run today, what with my relatives headed this way, and worse, I won’t have time to make it up later. In. Out.

Second, I realized that I forgot to post the BOM yesterday. February’s BOM is a make your own heart block because frankly I’m overwhelmed this month, and knew I wouldn’t have time to mail out the BOM pattern to all the Mad Quilters. There are still a few invitations (gulp) for the birthday party this weekend that haven’t been mailed. In. Out.

Bad. Mama. So be creative Mad Quilters! And I promise to have a patterned block for next month.

Bom 2.05

Third, the Heart and Sole Run t-shirt’s logo is not working out, the ‘art technicians’ have to re-work my sister’s design for the t-shirts. I don’t understand why. But then it took me a week to figure out Flickr. What can I say?

I let Mr. Moo play with the phone for an hour after getting this news, because I was unable to deal or move forward with that information. And at least I wouldn't have to answer it, if we was calling his friends at Baby Einstein. In....what was that again? Oh, right. Out.....


I sat here reading my blogs, looking for new blogs to read, because I was completely immobilized by stress. Then I read Pamalamadingdong’s entry for today and I realized that I’m NOT ALONE! I’m just like all the other Mama’s. Dangling by a thread! I love me some Pam, that is for sure. Thanks Pam!

Then the Super Nice lady from the T-shirt place (who I’ve dealt with before, and she is always Super Nice, not just when I’m super panicked and super grateful) called and said that her Art Technicians could fix the t-shirt and she would donate the time so Kiwanis didn’t have to pay for it. Ahhhhhh Thanks Super Nice lady!

And finally, while all this is going on. Look who passed out in his crib. Super Nice Baby. Love the Baby.


Now about that housework I have to do before the Relatives arrive at three….

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pixie Potter

Pixie Potter Update:

Important update from the sixth grade. Pixie Potter informed me that Bouillon cubes do not taste good a la carte.

Man, I’m gonna miss that kid. If she actually moves, I have many plans in the works…they mostly involve tying her to the front porch….

I may have to work on that.

The Countdown

So I’m into the final countdown. 24 hours till my East coast Relatives arrive at my door. (Dust bunnies beware) 4 days till my baby turns one, and 11 days until the Heart and Sole Run.

Heart and Sole Logo

Being a committee chair is tons of work! I realize this is a big DUH! Still, true, today is the deadline for the t-shirts with some eek room for delivery by race day. Aunt Ren designed these herself...isn't she a stud. She also designed our under the bridge safety Troll shirts, to be worn by the flaggers around the run route, so as to decrease saftey hazards and possible collisions under the bridges.

Which are not pictured below because HELLO IS STILL NOT WORKING, and I still haven't figured out flickr...maybe tonight I'll have two minutes to rub together. I'm neglecting my kid as it is and he has taken to drastic escape measure.

Time to wake up that bouncing baby boy and head to the library for StoryTime!

Monday, February 14, 2005



You know when you are paying bills, and you realize the bill is due today (purely hypothetical, I assure you) and so you lie about the date.....

Raise your hand if you think that works.....

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It was so beautiful outside this afternoon that I took Mr. Moo out for a romp on his new tri-cycle thingee with a pushing handle for me, that he got for his birthday. And immediately the heavens opened up and it started to hail. Yeah, so you know, he is probably scarred for life now.

Recovery Day

Well, I missed International Desk Day (saturday) via tania, so here is what my desk looks like.

That's right, Nada. I'm doing nothing, except changing diapers. My sewing machine is retracted into the desk, and my sewing room is still a shambles. And with my mother, aunt, and uncle headed our way from New Jersey, to celebrate Mr. Moo's first birthday this weekend, I don't see construction taking top priority for a while.

I did manage to make this elephant, at my sister's this weekend, for a friend who just had a baby on Friday.

Mr. Moo and I are back from our whirlwind family adventure this weekend. And I am taking it easy, hanging in my bathrobe in front of the woodstove. The Man cleaned house while we were gone, so I feel like I have all this free time. I should be doing things like paying the bills, learning how to use Flickr..(still stumped) and getting dressed, but I’m soaking up the freedom of Mr. Moo napping. Which he DID NOT do all weekend. It is obviously time to start traveling with the Play Pen because he no longer falls asleep without the corral.

Saturday, Mr. Moo hung with Aunt Ren, after lunch with Great-Grandma Doris,

while Mama and Grandma went to a baby shower, then Sunday Aunt Ren, Mr. Moo and Mama visited some old friends and new baby at the hospital, then picked up Auntie Janelle, visiting from Philadelphia.

Aunt Ren and Mama went for a run on the treadmill because it was beyond disgusting in Redmond. 3miles in thirty minutes, but I don’t know how you all train on the treadmill, it was unbelievably difficult! But check out Marissa’s blog she ran a marathon this weekend….what a stud.

When we returned to the apartment, Mr. Moo had trashed it completely and Auntie Janelle looked like she had been hit by a truck, Mr. Moo is a handful for sure!

We arrived back home at 10pm to a very happy to see us Daddy.

No big plans for V-day here both The Man and I have class tonight *ugh* so Mr. Moo gets to spend his first Valentines date with Grandma and Grandpa.


I just read Pixie Potter’s Adventures. Her last post says they are moving to Bend, Oregon. I’d like to point out that this CAN NOT possibly be true, since no one has asked my permission! I can’t believe it, I’ve know this baby since she was born, I spent a year and a half of my life as her nanny! She is The Man’s and my first baby. I’m staving off having a breakdown until I see the moving trucks.

In the meantime I’ll be in the corner rocking in the fetal position.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Look to your right for the new link I added, shamelessly asking you to support Lil Zoot's (son of Zoot) in raising money for the American Heart Association. I donated, now you should too! The poor little guy spent the night puking his little guts out, surprise him with some donations!

This whole no picture posting problemo is throwing off my blogging groove, my mojo is damaged. I struggled with Flickr last night but couldn’t figure out how to post to my blog. I did successfully post their TEST FROM FLICKR note to my blog several times but never was I able to post this monkey sock picture I took of Pixie’s feet yesterday.

(Thanks to The Man for posting it for me, love The Man!)

Pixie Potter has started her own blog…entirely on her own, neither her sister nor I helped her. How smart is she? I mean she is only eleven! I’m more impressed with her everyday!

Speaking of impressive, Lady J and I are easily running 5miles now, and are looking to up our mileage next week. Lady J is training for Bloomsday and I’m headed out there as well, but I still have to complete my half marathon first, that's in April.

While we were running at the crack of dawn, this morning, I felt like something was on my face, as I swatted at it, I realized my hair was frozen! That hasn’t happened to me since I was in Pullman.

Lady J and I had to stop and feel each others hair because touching someone else’s head while running is down right dangerous!

In other completely random news, I hope the UPS guy brings me my shoes today! Although I don’t really expect him till next week, I did see a pictures of my new shoes in the new Road Runner that came in the mail yesterday…I’m sooo excited.

Now back to my flickr lesson……..grrr

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Porkopolis...its not just a vacation spot anymore!

After reading about the Flying Pig half marathon on Jon from Michigan's blog. My first thought was FLYING PIG HALF!

My second thought was......doesn't Kasmira live in Cinncinatti? What the heck are BEST FRIENDS FROM THE SEVENTH GRADE for if not to pick you up at the airport and let you sleep over in their muy chic, guest bedroom and then cheer you on to the finish line? Well that, and to tell you that cinncinatti used to be refered to as Porkopolis, because of all the pig packing plants.

That was fun to say.

Too bad I'm already registered for the Whidbey Island half in April. Actually that's fine, I have a year to talk The Man into flying to Cinncinatti. Maybe I'll even taken Kaz's little sis Pixie with me, after all both Pixie and I have birthdays in April. Happy Birthday to us!

I'm adding it to my list RIGHT NOW....for next year.

I had to link to a bunch of pictures because I don't know if I mentioned it but I CAN'T POST TO HELLO!


Hello is really starting to tick me off. I want to post pictures! How come other Hello users can post pictures! GRRRRRR!

Well, its Thursday, again. Just yesterday it was Monday, and I had a list of goals for the week, now it is Thursday and I have....a list of goals for the week. Right now, I'm sitting in a pile of birthday invitations, trying to get them addressed and in the mail. I realize that family members will probably come even if not invited to Mr. Moo's party but I have to be A GOOD MAMA, and send out invites to my baby's first party.

I'll try to get the man to post the invites that Aunt Ren drew for the birthay party, since his computer is obviously working.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Yes Pamalamadingdong.....I did.

Yes, Pamalamadingdong, I did go.

I was wavering on the edge of not going, having spent naptime playing SIMS (the original not 2) because I’m IN a coma like state due to lack of sleep, when Pam’s comment pushed me out the door. Thanks!

It took the first three miles to whip (insert whipping noise) Jonah back into shape. It’s been about two weeks since he and I have run together and about two months since we’ve run with the baby stroller. He struggled.

The stroller appears to add a total of five minutes to my Four Mile loop up and down are road. Which is quite a bit, its’ almost like running another half mile.

The kitties took a hiatus from their hiatus to come out and wave to us as we passed by the house, Fric even ran for awhile, that’s right, everyone runs at this house! ( I would have posted a picture of kitties here, but you know...HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

The UPS guy drove by too and I was hoping he had brought me my new shoes, for being so good and going running with the family, but not so much as a note.

In other news, I checked out the Hello forum and it looks as though it is causing problems for most of the users, the forum stated they should have the bug worked out in a few days! I have got to get my priorities straight and learn HTML pronto!

Jonah the Dog’s Log
Balls started with:0
Balls lost on run:0
Balls found on run:0
Trips into the Creek: 29

A good run

Hello, Hello, I don't know why you say goodbye.....

The thing about kids is, it’s not like you can turn them off. When they are up, they’re up. When they’re hungry, they’re hungry, you can’t put them on pause, to run to the bathroom, change the laundry, answer the phone, and check your blogs.

If your precious diaper butt, is not tired and won’t lay down, you hear the screaming all over the house. If he wakes in the middle of the night, for a bottle or a diaper change, you have to get up and take care of it. Once he goes back to sleep, you are often not sleepy anymore. You lay in bed thinking “hurry up, go back to sleep you only have a few hours till he wakes up again” or if you are me. “Okay if I fall asleep now, I have 45 minutes until the alarm goes off to meet my running group”

I missed my run this morning. Because when the alarm went off, I was beyond exhausted and I thought, if I could just sleep till 7am instead of 5am that would be 2 ½ hours of uninterrupted sleepage.

So now I’m faced with the dilemma, of do I run today? Probably. Do I drive into town to get gas, and pump up the running stroller tires, or do I wait until Grandpa comes home from work, hope that not only is he feeling better from the stomach flu, but that he either wants to watch the Buddy or walk the Buddy while I run five miles. Decisions, Decisions.

Hello is frustrating me today, and yesterday, and several days in the past month, because it won’t allow me to post pictures to my blog. I can’t wait till I graduate (in two years) so that I can devote my copious free time (hysterical, tired mommy laughter) to learning HTML and CSS so I don’t have to rely on the cookie cutter blog host.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

After Dinner Walk

After Dinner Walk:

I really am enjoying after dinner walks with my family, I first read about walking after dinner on Susan’s site, and we have really embraced it. It’s more of a after dropping off Pixie Potter walk, but Jonah gets out of the house, and The Man and I get to talk and focus on each other, and our days.

My heel has been hurting me on runs, and started aching again tonight on our walk, but I’m excited because I finally ordered new shoes! Of course I’m a big dope and I ordered the wrong size.

For some reason the online store didn’t carry my size, I though this was weird, but apparently it was because the shoe was discontinued (I didn’t realize). So thinking I was smart I ordered the same shoe in Men’s. Only I calculated the size wrong. Yeah duh! So instead of 9.5 I ordered 11.5. So yeah, too big.

After this was pointed out to me, I called customer service today and they were super nice, and told me that the shoes were discontinued and now came in green/black.

I DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR THE DARN SHOES ARE! JUST SEND ME SOME NEW ONES! Anyway we got it all figured out and now I’m waiting the 7-10 days for my new shoes to come.

Jonah the Dog’s Log
Balls started with:0
Balls lost on run:0
Balls found on run:0
Times counseled about tripping us with the leash: too many

Mama's new laptop

My friend is running the Sherwood Forest half marathon…um that is so cool.

And I’m so jealous.

Speaking of jealous, somebody needs more attention from Mama.

Mama's laptop Posted by Hello

There are many ways that the HP notebook is making my life better:

1) I can do homework in front of the woodstove, so I’m warm.

2) I can sit on the floor (in front of the woodstove, doing homework) and stretch my tight legs that I never stretch regularly after running, because I’m a BAD PERSON!

3) I can check my blogs, err I mean DO MY HOMEWORK! At the table while Mr. Moo plays on the floor with his toys

I'm so glad I was talked into getting this notebook! This is just one of the many reasons why we love THE MAN! Although, I afraid to say that I believe my housework productivity level will go down because, I no longer have to use the COLDEST ROOM ON EARTH, computer room, so I never will emerge from there again thinking “hmmm doing the dishes will warm up my frozen fingers.” Sorry, babe. Maybe we could get paper plates?

Well today we are printing off Mr. Moo’s first birthday invitations (yikes!) and I’m realizing I have no free weekends until March! I have to a baby shower for one of The Man’s cousins this weekend and I have an elephant to make sometime this week. Luckily Pixie Potter is headed our way today so that I will have no excuse not to get it done; I don’t even have any homework tonight! ( Ihope my prof didn't read that! I'm totally doing my reading and checking the interent for Solution Focused sources!)

I also want to make a backpack for my new laptop, I been inspired by Mariko’s and Sunni’s totes. Plus I need lots of pockets for diapers and such. I stopped by the new ROSS ( I heard they had computer bags) that just opened in Small Town USA, this am , but they don’t open till 9:30.

WHAT THE HECK? What is the point of a chain store if you can be there at the crack of dawn to pursue the stuff? Sheesh.

Check out this cool new quilt blog I found on Mariko’s site. And for you knitters out there, this woman makes me want to learn how to knit. Darn cute stuff!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Winter Blues 2005

The fifth annual Winter Blues Quilting Bee was a notable success if I do say so myself. And I do. I feel like the last year or so has been a struggle with Mel and Cool Kelly moving out of driving distance, finding quilters that you enjoy quilting and spending time with can be a struggle.

The group of women here Saturday was AWESOME! All of them were interested in quilting (and food) and it was just a great group. The Ugly Animal quilt was resurrected and continues to be a favorite with beginners.

Quilting Ugly Animal Posted by Hello

Mr. Moo’s quilt a gift from Grandma, is almost done. This quilt’s history is just great, when we told my in-laws that Mr. Moo was headed our way, my mother-in-law began searching for some old things of The Man’s but instead she found these blocks that she had started in the seventies (you can tell by the colors). I loved them, and we had decided on a ‘bug’ theme for the baby’s room, because it could go either way.

She added a caterpillar and a slug and a few more flowers, she is quilting butterflies on the two sides and a caterpillar across the top. It will be one of my most treasured quilts, and I may even let Mr. Moo sleep under it! What a piece of history.

Here is Aunt Ren working on some drawings in front of the Bug Quilt, I'll have to get a better picture of it.

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Pixie Potter was there as the back up babysitter, she spent most of her time playing SIMS2, (THAT I JUST GOT INSTALLED ON MY COMPUTER! WOOHOO)

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Aunt Ren (official Mad Quilter)is seen here teaching Mr. Moo about some of the Mad Quilters family (T’s mother in law). Mr. Moo seems a bit alarmed by this particular reading of his favorite book.

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Of course there was a lot of food, as is the Mad Quilter custom, because you have to have grazing, its not like everyone gets tired at the same time, there is quilting, then wandering off to eat, then quilting. To the right you see Lady J and Grandma yukking it up.

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I just like this picture because it shows Pixie playing SIMS2 in the background.

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On the floor to the right you see Ama, who is talking about her quilt project that she has her seventh graders do (she's a math teacher) The each have to make a six inch quilt square, in a rail fence pattern. They have to measure, cut, sew, and remeasure the block to do the assignment correctly. She also has students can, working on measuring and fractions. Isn't she cool?

We even got some Heart and Sole Fun Run business done when a fellow Kiwanian called to talk about Sponsorship and the Kids Race we have planned for that day. Here is another of my running buddies and fellow kiwanians (among other things) Queen Bee taking the call, amongst her scrapbooking that she brought with her.

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Amazingly there are no pics of T (official mad quilter) and her belly, how did that happen? Well T, you join the ranks of Mel (official mad quilter) and Cool Kelly (official mad quilter). We did get a picture of KAP (official daddy-to-be). Guess what he is doing?

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ps. did you notice I learned how to put more than one pic in the post? Yeah, I'm bad.