Wednesday, February 16, 2005

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

Right now. I’m working on breathing in. And breathing out. Mr. Moo is not napping. Instead he is talking in loud excited “NA NA NA no no no no’s” to his bottle. In his crib. Where he is staying. For at least an hour. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

Yeah, that wave of stress, I’ve been staving off for days, came crashing down this morning. On. My. Head. First, I didn’t make it out of bed this morning for my run, and I really needed a run today, what with my relatives headed this way, and worse, I won’t have time to make it up later. In. Out.

Second, I realized that I forgot to post the BOM yesterday. February’s BOM is a make your own heart block because frankly I’m overwhelmed this month, and knew I wouldn’t have time to mail out the BOM pattern to all the Mad Quilters. There are still a few invitations (gulp) for the birthday party this weekend that haven’t been mailed. In. Out.

Bad. Mama. So be creative Mad Quilters! And I promise to have a patterned block for next month.

Bom 2.05

Third, the Heart and Sole Run t-shirt’s logo is not working out, the ‘art technicians’ have to re-work my sister’s design for the t-shirts. I don’t understand why. But then it took me a week to figure out Flickr. What can I say?

I let Mr. Moo play with the phone for an hour after getting this news, because I was unable to deal or move forward with that information. And at least I wouldn't have to answer it, if we was calling his friends at Baby Einstein. In....what was that again? Oh, right. Out.....


I sat here reading my blogs, looking for new blogs to read, because I was completely immobilized by stress. Then I read Pamalamadingdong’s entry for today and I realized that I’m NOT ALONE! I’m just like all the other Mama’s. Dangling by a thread! I love me some Pam, that is for sure. Thanks Pam!

Then the Super Nice lady from the T-shirt place (who I’ve dealt with before, and she is always Super Nice, not just when I’m super panicked and super grateful) called and said that her Art Technicians could fix the t-shirt and she would donate the time so Kiwanis didn’t have to pay for it. Ahhhhhh Thanks Super Nice lady!

And finally, while all this is going on. Look who passed out in his crib. Super Nice Baby. Love the Baby.


Now about that housework I have to do before the Relatives arrive at three….

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