Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Spring Thing

Since I finished a project Sunday, I thought I'd dig out something else to add to my UFO list.

Here is a picture of the Tulips that came of my fourth Annual Quilting Bee, last April.

Tulips Posted by Hello

For the last four years (five this February) I have a Winter Blues Quilting Bee. The deal is, you have to bring a potluck dish, but other than that there are no requirements. If you are at all interested in quilting or are a master quilter you are invited.

I have quilts set up, ranging from the Ugly Animal Quilt (for everyone, beginner or not to quilt on, because YOU CAN'T MESS IT UP!) to Mad Quilter projects. Because, in case you haven't guessed I am a quilt a holic and I also have an organizing-people-into-doing-things problem. Like the Yearly Cancer walk team I organize or this year project, a Fun Run fundraiser for the new teen center opening in town. But I digress, as I so often do.

For the first three years, if you were an accomplished quilter you brought a block, a star block, any kind of star. If you were unsure, you came with fabric or stole some from my stash and someone helped you make a block. It had to have blue in it somewhere (for the Winter Blue theme) and it had to be a Multiple of three (3.5, 6.5. 24.5 unfinished). Around three in the afternoon all the finished blocks were put together and we drew the name of one of the participants who then received all the blocks.

I started this the second year, My mother in law won first, then one of the Mad Quilter's sisters. Last year I had a baby in February (Winter Blues was annually held the first weekend in February) so the Winter Blues was postponed.

I moved it to April and changed the theme to A Spring Thing (just for that year). I sent out Tulip Patterns, above are pictures of the ones that were done. My mother-in-law won again, but since she hasn't finished her first top, the quilt she is making for Mr. Moo, or her Christmas wreath quilt (basically she is ) 0 for 0 in quilting) she gave them to me.

I planned to make a tablerunner for this year, which obviously isn't happening, especially now that my Sewing Machine is packed up. *sigh*

This year's invitations to the Winter Blues went out last week. This years theme, hearts, because I love everybody, and I can applique it! *grin*

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  • I've just started looking for quilt blogs, and was excited to find you the other day! Besides having a major quilting bug, I rowed at UW and have a little girl born last February! (woah) Now I live in PA and just started a knitting group-- a quilting bee is next on my list. My blog has lately focussed on knitting and babies, but I'm going to start photographing my quilt projects next. Stop by, if you like www.katesblog.com
    Happy quilting!

    By Blogger Kate, at 1/18/2005 02:42:00 PM  

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