Monday, November 01, 2004

Lost Daze

Well here is a picture of the Polar Bear Quilt I'm working on (yet another belated Baby gift) or rather not working on. Relegated to the UFO's pile until after Christmas gifts are done.

Today is one of those lost days where I have my internship from 9-5 and classes from 6-9 with an hour of commuting to and from school.

Mr. Moo gets a play date or BABY SMACKDOWN since he is bigger than his friend and spend the day terrorizing his cohort by first stealing his pacifier and then trying to put it back , in the baby's eye, nose, ear...who knows where that thing is supposed to go anyway.

The best thing about school, other than the throwing money into the fire feeling of it all, is that I actually get a lot of appliqueing done. YES! Our tax dollars at work! I appliqued seven polar bears so far as well as two potholders.

I look forward to the monotonous droning now, because I am getting projects done! Plus it gives me time to daydream about other projects.

Well onward.

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