Saturday, January 15, 2005

Turtle Pie Nap

The problem with today's project is that it is on the same floor at the baby's room. So currently Mr. Moo is napping and therefore all construction type things have come to a stand still.

The Man is shopping firewood to heat our chilly home, and I'm helping by blogging and playin Sims. You know how it is. A mother's work is never done. *sigh*

turtle pie nap Posted by Hello

Seriously though, I'm bummed because it is not snowing, it is rainy and miserable and cold, but no snow. Of course the rain probably means it is snowing on the pass. I'm sad to miss another Mad Quilter's meeting. I missed December's as well.

We mad quilters are sadly lacking in numbers these days. We can't find Cool Kelly anywhere, she moved to Texas and was never heard from again. Li'l Muscle lives in Chicago, and so that only leaves three in driving distance.

Above is the picture of the Turtle Pie Quilt that never shows up in its picture for some reason. I'll have to fix that link.

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