Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Family Wreath

Still having quilt about not accomplishing set goals of sewing Flying Pig together, but I'm busy here! As we race towards the 26th of February,(<---grautitous plug of new website) things are coming fast and furious for the Run. I've talked to no less than ten people today! I'm so excited!

With the heart theme in mind here is a picture my mom sent me of the quilt I made for my Grandma.

I got the idea from the Pajama Party Quilt that I made out of old pajamas. I used the same here, adding some of my cousin's in. Then I had my siblings and cousin send me photocopies of their hands which I traced to make the wreath.

Well I still have everyone's blogs to visit...oh yeah and the dishes to do.

My hilarious husband is in rare form today. Check out today's post.

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