Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Where have all the bloggers gone?

September's Star Posted by Hello

An Antique Star was the pattern for the September Mad Quilter's Monthly Block of the Month. I of course should be posting the Turkey Tracks pattern for November but we didn't meet in November do to my sister's emergency tonsillectomy. One more thing to add to my to do list. I'm not sure why I organize blocks of the month because it just leaves me with yet another unfinished quilt! But gosh they are fun! Seeing everyone's color/fabric/style interpretation of the same pattern is awesome.

When I first started blogging, but before I became a blogger I used to follow two sites. QuiltMommy and Hip to Piece Squres. But they haven’t blogged in awhile. The interesting thing about this is …..where did they go? If you friend suddenly stopped returning your phone calls you would go to his/her house or call his/her friends and relatives to find out what happened to them. In the blogosphere however, you never know, maybe they just got tired of it, maybe they didn’t have the addictive personality trait I have….maybe they don’t have to see movies all the way through JUST TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

The blogosphere is an interesting place to inhabit, every day I learn a little more about this place. Yesterday as I was site hopping (I think I started at Suburban Bliss but I can’t be sure) I ended up taking a What kind of Blogger are you survey at blogthings.com and one of the answers to the question What is your biggest blogging pet peeve? Was Bloggers who never share anything about themselves? I thought this brought up an interesting query.

While I live with a techno junkie who has his own blogs (yes blogs plural) and does disclose our baby’s name and pictures of our house, I am not that comfortable with the internet community yet. I have a hard time placing my baby’s name on my post but I wonder if that drives away readers. And then I wonder if I care. In this day of Reality Show TV, are we expected to disclose everything about ourselves on our Blogs in order to attract readers?

I guess to answer my own question I would have to say that no, I don’t have to disclose my house number and family’s whereabouts if I don’t want to, after all I started blogging to communicate with those other crazy crafters that I can always reach with in physical demographics. The Blogosphere is full of people I would never meet in my daily routine and those are the people who I want to blog back and forth with and see what crafts they are crafting.

So craft on!

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  • i know!
    i feel the same way!
    sometimes I wonder if I should tell more... but i just feel sheepish!
    and who knows... you just never know!
    but then i am probably totally traceable anyway...
    it is a wierd sphere! not totally sure about it all yet either.
    (ramble ramble)

    By Blogger tania, at 11/16/2004 03:24:00 PM  

  • I know what you mean, everytime I think about I think, well, they probably could find me if they really wanted to, because frankly I'm not so computer savvy....hmm. who knows.

    By Blogger Brit, at 11/16/2004 03:34:00 PM  

  • I obsessively check the same blogs every day. I am very disappointed when they haven't been updated. I am glad that you often have something new posted!
    Perhaps every subject-oriented blog has an end. Your interests change or your project ends or your kid grows up.

    By Blogger Kasmira, at 11/17/2004 07:30:00 AM  

  • I do the same thing. I get my morning cup of Joe and start going through my blogs like a junkie sitting at the bar doing pull-tabs. I'm most interested in the 'little' blogs, written by 'normal' people, many of whom I know from the face-to-face world. Its disappointing when people don't post. When they stop posting altogether I feel like there has been a death in the family, or at least a no breathing, no pulse, call 911 incident. I want to send a blogger emergency vehicle over there stat to give them some textual oxigen and maybe a little jolt. I find that I keep the several 'bigger' more public blogs that I read, like dooce, as little antidotes for myself. If I get one or more non-posted to little blogs in a row I'll jump over and read one of the super blogs that have tens of thousands of readers and are sure to post everyday, but what I really like is reading the blogs of the little circle of common interest and reciprocal postings.

    By Blogger Scott in Washington, at 11/17/2004 08:49:00 AM  

  • I'm totally still around! I'm currently in a frustrated panic to finish my quilt up (it's due on Thanksgiving, and I've been worried it won't be done by then) and as soon as I get a break from it (aka, when it's in the wash for it's "final beautifying stage") I'll post. That may be as early as this evening or tomorrow afternoon. I promise it'll be soon though!

    I am wondering about QuiltMommy though. I liked her blog.

    By Blogger sarah, at 11/17/2004 01:11:00 PM  

  • Yeah Sarah!!
    I'm glad you are still around, I liked your blog!!

    By Blogger Brit, at 11/17/2004 05:52:00 PM  

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