Saturday, November 13, 2004

All in a Day's Work

Daisy Posted by Hello

Top News Story:
Daisy the Wee turned out to be bigger than I expected, I always though the Wee girls were much smaller. I really like the pin cushion idea though and so Daisy’s face is made up of colored pins. Very Fun! Thanks for the pattern Hillary!

Other News:
Got to working on the latest giraffe last night and realized I had left the cut out belly and neck at my sister’s when we were staying with her the night before her surgery, so had to do some fabric shuffling and hope to finish that guy up tonight.

Well a whirlwind day of entertaining Team Grandma today. Both The Man’s mom and mine were in town for the weekend and we spent the day traveling around to cute baby shops. Mr. Moo scored some new crawling shoes and Christmas clothes while I got lots of ideas for new stuffed animals including a few cute elephant pictures from Humphrey’s Corner.

We hit a very small town Quilt show at a local grange and I got some great quilting ideas. This show was unique from many I’ve been to in that they actually displayed some very antique quilts that were quilted in this area in the 1880s. Very interesting! I really got into quilting because I like the historical aspect of it. Researching Quilting is very interesting past time of mine and I like be able to view old quilt, where so much personality shines through, and it wasn’t about perfection or perfect color coordination it was about making something out of what you’ve got. Very inspiring.

Back to the work table...

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