Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Monkey Business

Monkey Wrench Posted by Hello

It is just sooooo hard to work on writing papers when there is a whole Blogosphere out there to explore.

Here is a picture of the July Mad Quilters' 2004 Block of the Month. I chose a block called Monkey Wrench to start off this BOM. I became fascinated with the role quilts played in the Underground Railroad and according to the authors of Hidden in Plain View the Monkey Wrench Quilt was the first in the series put out by the Underground Railroad.

When the quilt was hung on the line to signal to the "passengers" that it was time to pack their bags because the "train" was coming through town. We'll probably never know if it is fact or fiction, but it is interesting to think about.

Much like Blogging and the unlike my assignment. You think I could get a little more invested in my Master's classes but I'd rather be working on Mud the Giraffe. As in my name is Mud because he's not done yet and the baby in guestion is three months old, but at least its not a quilt!

My husband in graciously allowing me to pretend that I'm working on my paper, but I know that he knows that I know that he knows that I'm not working on my paper. I decided to make the Critique of a Research Article more interesting by doing it on (drum roll please) BLOGS! How did you guess?

There actually is a body of research done on blogs and bloggers. Including a survey done by Perseus . It's been interesting reading but I'm not that much closer to getting my paper done maybe I'll get started now.

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