Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Calamitous Comedy

This is a picture of the quilt that the Stitch in Time group made for Mr. Moo. They threw me a surprise shower last January and each presented me with a quilt block (and other goodies), then two of the women pieced and machine quilted the quilt together. These women are not only inspiring to be around, but so thoughtful. A quilt from them was more than I could have asked for.

Stitch In Time Quilt Posted by Hello

Today was not such an amazing day. Mr. Moo was up from 2-4 last night, and while I did finish Romeo the Giraffe, and played some Sims while Mr. Moo had a bottle. I would have rather been sleeping. The Man had to call me at 8:30 to make sure I was up…I wasn’t.

First bummer of the day was discovering that The Man had taken the camera to work, so I couldn’t take a picture of Romeo the Giraffe or the quilt I made to go with him.

While Mr. Moo and I were showering and getting ready for our day, he laid his head on my shoulder and took a big old chunk out of my arm. I’m bruised, and surprised I didn’t drop the little biter.

Then as I was bending down to pick up the cat and throw her little patootie outside before I left for my internship, my pants split. Never a big self esteem moment, it was made better by the fact that they are corduroys brown pants and my first thought was….cool I can use these to make a giraffe. There may be something (or a few things) wrong with me, but I definitely look at clothes from a quilter’s perspective…gee, when this is worn out I can use it in a quilt.

Just this weekend I had relegated a grimy pair of crème colored corduroys to the quilting pile so this is perfect. (I’m trying to remain upbeat, about the fact that my post baby rear still won’t stuff into my pre baby pants)
I quickly changed my pants loaded the kid into the car and headed to the babysitters, where as I was taking off his jacket my son, the apple of my eye, vomited all over me. Big, chunky, cottage cheese vomit. And it smelled.

Resigned to the fact that the stars were aligned against me, I decided to just take Mr. Moo to my internship with me, since it was my last day and technically I am done with all my hours (six hours over in fact) turn in my pager, drop off Romeo and say goodbye to everyone.

When I arrived at my internship, my computer access had already been discontinued so I couldn’t do anything anyway, and my supervisor didn’t have me on her schedule today for our weekly meeting. Mr. Moo had fun crawling very fast up and down the clinic hallways and being hugged by the nurses. A bunch of prenatal nurses who would have thought they liked babies?!

Romeo went to his new home, hopefully I’ll get a picture, and someone even gave me candles as a going away present!

Apparently there was also a potluck where they were going to celebrate me leaving (in a good way I think) but they forgot to tell me about it.

Calamitous Comedy.

But other than that my day is going well. School is over till January, my internship is done, I’m home early (and the sun is out!) I didn’t run out of gas on the way home from town, Mr. Moo is napping, and I’m finally getting to my blog.

So….how are you?