Thursday, December 02, 2004

I am a SIMS -aholic!

It's true, while some people are finishing up their Christmas presents, or working on crafts for the bazaar they are signed up for on Saturday (uh whoops) others of us, are staying up too late and playing computer games.

Today I'm having a no SIMS day which is hard because we got the upgraded version and my kid really wants a pet. BUT NO! I'm strong. Today I worked out side in the yard, just to get away from the computer.

Next it is off to the store for supplies!

In the meantim other people are finishing projects. Here is the tablerunner that I recieved from my Secret Santa at Stitch In Time Tuesday night.

Lyn is a master machine quilter, and I aspire to one day apprentice her, after I learn to write grants, finish my master's program, and learn to fly.

Stitch In Time Tablerunner Posted by Hello

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