Sunday, November 28, 2004

Table Runner Who?

Uh yeah, table runner, not finished. I have two very good excuses. One is that my mother -in-law got me hooked on wool this weekend. She decided we needed to make wool pillows for the bazaar on Saturday.

Talk about instant gratification. These babies are slick and so easy! I made this Santa pillow yesterday and am working on a Gingerbread man pillow next.

Santa Pillow Posted by Hello

Next, The Man taught me how to play an game called the SIMS. This game is like playing dollhouse on Steroids. And boy did I love playing house. If this keeps up I may have to get a babysitter for Mr. Moo so I can stay home and play on the computer...I may even give up sewing !

That won't happen, for one thing my sewing room is warmer than the computer room, which is the COLDEST place in the whole darn chilly house!

Lets end positively. Things I did do today.
-went for a run
-marked the table runner for quilting
-snuggled my little sick buddy
-watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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