Friday, November 19, 2004

Rockin' out

Well, just got off the phone with The Man and it's confirmed, all three of us our sick. I've been feeling puny since Wednesday morning but have managed to stave off any serious illness, but this morning I woke up with a swollen throat, and I was not happy.

Mr. Moo has been miserable since yesterday, I thought maybe it was the shot he got at his 9 month check up but it appears that he just doesn't feel good.

This became really obvious when he sat next to me at the sewing machine for almost thirty minutes.

Li'l Helper Posted by Hello

He really enjoys the noise the sewing machine makes....I don't know why. He also got excited about the fringe on this afghan (who doesn't?) and he liked being rocked, which was hard to do and work the machine pedal at the same time. He even tried bouncing his 24lbs around to make it move but that tired him out pretty quick.

I spent the morning working on the Denim Fish Quilt. My new goal is Thanksgiving, since I obviously didn't make the Halloween goal. The problem as I see it, is that I don't like piecing at the machine as much as I like quilting at the frame. I often leave huge spaces in my quilts for hand quilting later and with denim there is no quilting reward there is only tying. Ahh me.

Well Mr. Moo is out for the count, I'm headed to the showers.

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  • HI Brit!

    I am now snooping at your blog! It is only fair!! We should form a partnership...I HATE hand quilting and LOVE planning and machine piecing. This is clearly a character flaw, in that I love planning projects and getting the details and logistics set up, and then just want the damn thing to be done and am not in love with process. I realize I should embrace the zen of hand quilting but I can't. I gotta be me! I am sorry you are all not feeling well. Let me know if I can help!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/22/2004 08:18:00 PM  

  • Vicky,
    I had no idea...a colloboration may well be in our future, then we can tackle, exercising and mystery novels. Because at least we know that we work well under pressure....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/23/2004 02:41:00 PM  

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