Monday, November 15, 2004

On the Road Again

Season table runner Posted by Hello

Well after a week of houseguests we spent yesterday on the road returning all visitors to their various ports, home ports and Airports. Sadly Mr. Moo’s fan club is back down to its original two members.

On the upside, since The Man did all of the all day driving trip, I did get started on the Seasonal Table Runner that I need to have done in two weeks for my Quilting groups Annual Christmas exchange. Due to the lack of daylight of this time of the year I was forced to put the project down around 4pm. (That is so early!)

Above is the picture of what I accomplished, its just the appliqué, I plan to embellish the trees and gingerbread men with embroidery floss, and I may add some snow flakes to the middle I can’t decide yet.

I have my internship all day today so no dice on sewing projects or house keeping (eek!) but when I get home I’m going to do some serious sewing machine work, I have a giraffe, and a pink elephant to finish. Of course The Man gets frustrated with me since the Fish Denim Quilt is still unfinished and the Pink Elephant Quilt is sitting un-quilted on the frame in the hall, but sometimes you have to do little projects like Wee dolls and giraffes to keep the momentum going.

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