Thursday, November 04, 2004

Cookie Monster's Quilt

Stars for Superbaby Posted by Hello

Here is the Quilt I finished for The Cookie Monster called Stars. I really like using flannels, and I like working in different mediums (I’m not a strictly cotton quilter) because it brings such texture and character to the quilt. For this one I used an old nightgown (the cows in the center of the stars) and an old plaid flannel shirt.

Mr. Moo and the Cookie Monster both started pulling themselves up into a standing position this week so we are on a whole new level of alert in the sewing room. Which is exhausting!!

The baby is down for the count, the bummer about this is I can’t work on Mud the Giraffe because my sewing room is next to the baby’s ( I hate to think what that means when baby #2 becomes a reality, I mean I need a sewing room/space/bathroom) and I can’t run the machine without waking him up. This is okay because now that I’m a blog addict, bedtime is the perfect opportunity to hang out with my monitor buddy.

Or to do homework, maybe God forbid! housework or to quilt on the Pink Elephant quilt that I actually have on the frame in the den. I’m working on a miniature elephant pattern for loobylu’s softies project. Excitement.

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