Friday, March 18, 2005

March BOM

Yahoo a Rest Day...Resting: Check.

I lied to you all! Kill me quickly. I stated in this post, Monday that I hadn't done any stars in the BOM until this month, but when I took all my BOM's for this rotation out to look at them, I found that I had in fact done and Antique Star, in September *hangs head in shame*.

This pattern is called Sarah's Choice, but I think it should be the offical Mad Quilter's Star. Ever since I posted on the history of the Mad Quilters, I've been reminiscent for this pattern, so I decided to go ahead and piece it.

The points are a little wonky on this star, but I don't let minor things like Wonkiness slow me down.

I scanned this block to try for a different look, one of the things about my camera that drives me crazy is that it is hard to get close up details. Scanning took care of that however...Look,how close!

Denim Theme Week: Day Five
Denim Mountains
For our final denim quilt of the week, (oh yes I have more, I can do an annual denim week at least a second annual Denim week)we have a quilt designed by The Man for his cousin. The Man wanted a mountain/lake scene (somewhat represented here) I added the tree and star border to the pattern and ouila! (see those pesky stars again..I love em)

Thank you for stopping by for Theme Week, hopefully next weeks' theme will be original crafting by me we can always dream. As for now, I'm off to pack and head to Seattle for my monthly Mad Quilters fix!

Ta Ta!

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