Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Baby Bear Claw

Missed my morning run this morning, I awoke at 7:00am, two hours and ten minutes later than my alarm went off. So a make up five miler is in my future today! Apparently I can't get up at 5am three mornings in a row, maybe I should try napping, afterall it works for mister Moo.

Denim Theme Week: Day Three
Here is a little quilt I whipped out for a friends baby. Notice I used the words whipped out because I usually I say "I started this quilt three years ago". That is the joy of combining tying and baby in the same quilt. Quick and Slick.

This quilt was completed in 1999. Kate asked if I garage saled for denim, but the sad truth is once I started making denim quilts people just began giving me denim, I currently have two tubs of denim all waiting patiently to be used in this quilt. Which I swear will be done soon!

My favorite denim to work with is little girls jeans, because they are so darn cute! I've worked with a girl scout troup for a few years helping them piece and tie quilts, and they bordered one of their quilts with little girl jeans, SO ADORABLE!

My one-year-old started walking yesterday! One day, no walking, the next day walking! How crazy! He is so cute I can't stand it! I did make him cry this morning though, so the morning isn't a total loss.

I stood him up to practice pushing his activity cart and he headed STRAIGHT. FOR. THE. STAIRS. I took about three giant steps towards him (our house, not so big) yelling NO! NO! NO! at him. He turned around to see me advancing and drop to his knees crying just as his cart dipped, two steps, down into the den. But he stopped. My work here is done.

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