Sunday, January 02, 2005

2004 BOM December

By request of a Mad Quilter, December's BOM is a Snail's Trail, also called Monkey Wrench I found out. I had trouble finding this pattern but finally uncovered it in Judy Martin's Around the Block. I love Judy's website, I especially covet her sewing room and one day when the money starts flowing in instead of flowing out, maybe we'll remodel our house in a way that makes sense!

By sense I mean has some freaking storage! Because we live in a house built in the 1920's and they didn't need no stinking storage. But we do.

December Posted by Hello

I had a great New Year's other then getting more sick, I definately have a cold, my ears and throat hurt!! But I cleaned my sewing room I can't wait for Tania's desk picture day, this is the first I've seen my desk since Thanksgiving!

I'm in the midst of cleaning out the sewing room, so that it can be repainted ( my sister is a darn good artist, and paints murals, free of charge on our walls) and turned into a big boy room for Mr. Moo. Ten months this month! Where does the time go?

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