Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve

Life in mucas land is...snotty. All I've had for the last 24 hours, has been hot water with lemon juice in it and The Man's Super Yummy Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup. yummmm. I'm am supposed to be running 3miles tonight at the annual Year to Year Run our town hosts each year. I'm at least going to show up. After all I have to promote the Heart and Sole Run, which is a fun run I'm organizing. (because I'm insane, why do you ask?)

Today Dooce posted and opened her comments to the general public (a historic event in my reading of her blog) for women to post blogs that inspire them. It's awesome, you should check it out, she was at 150 comments minutes ago, its a lot to wade through but worth it to see what women are doing out there on the blog.

From past postings you know that I struggle with the blogosphere, I enjoying visiting and blogging and checking up on my fellow bloggers, and friends. I have a hard time opening up and posting as much as say Heather Armstrong aka Dooce, does or as much as Melissa does at Suburban Bliss. Both of these blogs are daily reads for me as are all the blogs on my list, but I have a problem being as open, and I think that is okay.

I've come to accept that I'm not that open, and I'm okay with that too. I enjoying blogging because it harkens back to my desire to be a writer, but I could never be writer because I can't even open up on paper, I spend so much time worrying about what people will think about my writing, or more importantly that they will try to find themselves in it that I'll never be that successfull.

So instead, I'll blog and quilt and maybe become a grant writer because lately I've been thinking. ...hey, I could do that.

Speaking of things I can do, I uncovered my sewing machine tonight, and I may just finish a project. GET OUT!

But first, more chicken noodle soup, and I think a nap.

Blog on Bloggers, I sure do dig you all.

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  • Hey Brit - I enjoy reading your blog. It never once occurred to me that it wasn't "open" enough. Not everyone needs to air their dirty laundry on the internet. (We can handle only so many stories of under-the-bed phones.) I just enjoy catching up with you. And I think you've been quite frank and honest when you've written about your family. Keep on bloggin!

    (Oh - interesting stat: 25% of the population reads blogs, and 9% writes them.)

    By Blogger Kasmira, at 1/04/2005 06:48:00 AM  

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