Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Well we're down for the count here. The Post Holly daze has got us. Mr. Moo woke up with a snotty nose Monday morning which by nightfall had progressed to a temperature of 101.1. After a call to The Doctor, we gave him some baby tylenol and he seemed to feel better and fell asleep.

He was up every twenty minutes after that, snortling and gasping for mucasy breaths.

Today he mostly slept. We drove to Portland to the pottery supply place of choice so The Man could restock, and then headed home, both pooped. Mr. Moo is miserable and we are getting sick too.

When will I ever get back to my project list? Who needs resolutions when you have a UFO list?

Here is a picture of my sick little man snuggled under some quilts and the nifty fleece I bought at the ACME in Philadelphia. I love it! And it was only four dollars!! I can't buy that much fleece for that low a price.

Philly Find Posted by Hello

I may make a hat out of it in the future, but for now I'm enjoying snuggling with the baby under it.

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