Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Terrible Mommy Award (she misses Daddy)

I've showered, I finally feel normal again. Something about wearing your clothes for 36 hours really makes you feel. GRODY! Especially when traveling with an urping, spilling, sticky fingered, 9 3/4 month old. Ahh bliss, showered, fed (Toberone is my God) and hooked up to the Internet. Now if I could just get the digital to download, all would be well with my world.

I arrived in Philly early this morning, was picked up by My Uncle and we headed immediately to meet up with my mother, where Mr. Moo and I napped (about 45 minutes) then headed off to the hospital to see my grandfather. He looked, not so good for him.

My mother and my Aunt were at the end of their ropes with the hospital and their treatment of my grandfather by the time I got here this morning, and were doing everything possible to get him released and sent back to the retirement village where he and my grandmother live.

Their complaints ranged from the staff's lack of ability to bring him any food he good eat or more importantly had ordered from the menu to the fact that the infected sore on his chest from the adhesive they used to secure the heart monitor, which he is allergic too, had gone untreated since his admittance Sunday evening. They were not happy campers.

Having worked in the medical field for the last five years, I could see both sides of the story. A family trying to get their needs med for an ailing father, and a hospital staff used to dealing with Medicaid/Medicare “throw away” or those without family. The treatment my grandfather received was unfortunate at best.

Around 3:30pm EST my grandfather was released from the hospital, but not until after both my Aunt and Mother had made their unhappiness know to both the Medical Social Worker and the Nurse Manager. Then we headed back to visit with Grandmother.

A trying day all around, Mr. Moo began to come unglued about this time, he had only goldfish, apple juice and saltines all day. And he needed a nap. Several of them. My mother, sister and I made the mistake of going to dinner, where the service was sooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooow. And Mr. Moo was soooooooooooooo tired.

My sister and I finally returned to my Aunt’s house, after learning that the homecare nurse the hospital had insisted upon prior to discharge was “unavailable” this evening this would be approx 7pm EST. My Aunt and Mother stayed behind at the Retirement Facility while my sister and I headed home to bathe Mr. Moo. And ME.

In his final moments Mr. Moo, stood wailing in the playpen my mother had bought especially for our surprise visit (and thank goodness for that because, there are a ton of fun things to break here!). My sister had left to pick up my Mother so they could proceed to Philly, leaving my Aunt at the Retirement Facility overnight, and my Uncle driving home from the shore to take a night shift.

While I inflated the air mattress in my Aunt’s deserted house, Mr. Moo reached the end of his good behavior and being cooped up for 48 hours rope. Twisting the lid off his bottle he gleefully dumped the contents of his full bottle all over the new play pen, his quilt, his second pair of pajamas of the night (auntie failed to fasten his diaper tight after his bath and their was a "problem") and the air mattress.

I was pretty mad, and told him so, we were both tired and he started to cry when I plopped him back in the playpen minus the pad. Poor, poor buddy. He traveled so well, slept the whole plane ride, put up with adults holding him all day long, he misses his daddy ( I can understand that) and his doggie too.

After I cleaned him up, I cuddled him and fell asleep. What a good little baby. Now if only my camera would work with this computer, I could download some pictures.

But hey, a brave new blog has been brought to my attention, and I'm so jealous because she has the chaning upper corner picture. Ooooooooooooooh Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Jealousy. Check her out! More Art, Less Housework.

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