Friday, December 10, 2004

Rain Drops keep falling on my head

Here is a picture from the Bazaar on Saturday. I’m really excited because over to the left you can see Luna the Giraffe I sold without taking a picture of her. Have I mentioned that I have sold TWO giraffes! Get nuts!

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Every once in awhile I’m not happy about living in the northwest. I don’t have a depressive personality but the lack of sun and constant rain in the winter can wear down even the most upbeat of us.

Especially at Christmas. Especially when you are trying to talk your husband into going to get a Christmas tree and he is staring at the ceiling (right over the spot where you want to plug in a lighted plant) and there are not one, but three drips rapidly making puddles on your floor.

I don’t have time for drips.

I want a Christmas tree, and I want to drag my presents out of storage and start wrapping them, and put them under said tree. I don’t want a soggy ceiling and damp packages.

I don’t want to spend money we don’t have on repairing our ceiling when, I want to spend money we don’t have ripping out the double layer of sheetrock in my sewing room, putting in new outlets, built in book shelves, hanging track lighting and laying linoleum.

Grump, Grump, Grump.

On the other hand, tomorrow is Annual Sister's cookie making day. My mother in law and her sister have been getting together for years and making all kinds of cookies, lemon squares, peppermint candy canes, Christmas wreathes, Macaroons, Espresso Fudge, Gingerbread cookies, Peppermint Bark, Lemon Bars, Peanut Butter Kisses (regular and gluten free), and Honey sandballs. Not to mention any other cookie that catches their fancy.

When The Man and I started dating I was invited to join this sugar fest, and when I officially married into the family I invited my sister. So now it is Sister's cookie day. This will be Mr. Moo's first Cookie day and his 2nd cousin's Pooh Bears' second. You gotta have some one around to show you how to keep these adults on their toes!

Sugar High here I come!!!

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