Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bizarre, Bazaar

Well the Bizarre this weekend was not everything that it could be but it was not all bad. I sold one of my Giraffe's "Luna" who sadly I didn't get a picture of for my scrapbook, but I was gratified that someone not related to me wanted something I had made.

I made a bunch of little mittens for rugrats, becuas Mr. Moo has such fat arms that the elastic in the store bought mittens leaves big red marks on his risks...that can't feel good. I remembered that when I rowed (boats) we use to make Pogeys hat you could slip over the oars to keep you hands warm. So I made a few little ones, none of which sold, but I know some babies that are getting warm hands for Christmas.

On the positive side, since not much sold, I 'm ahead on Christmas presents....now to wrap them. And possibly get a tree.

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