Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Baby Break...Blog Time.

Both of the babies are crying in their respective containers. Cookie Monster is inconsolable, because he lost not one but three pacifers, in the disaster that used to be my sewing room. So he can't nap.

Uh, not me Posted by Hello

Mr. Moo has an cold and is having problems sleeping even though he is tired, snotty nose and congestion with a screaming, unhappy Cookie Monster crying upstairs in his crib isn't helping.

But sometimes you have to let them cry....so they keep telling me. Two babies is A LOT OF BABY. I'm not sure how mothers of twins make it through. I know how I'm making it through. I HIRED A BABYSITTER!! I'm so excited! Paint me green and call me Gumby, cause I'm no longer Pokey.

Today I invited a young lady over, lets call her Pixie Potter, she is eleven, and I used to be her nanny. She is riding the bus to my house after school to help me out. She is a little too young for me to leave Mr. Moo with her alone, but not too young to play with Mr. Moo while I (hysterical laughter) finish up my table runner, (only hours till it's presented). I'm looking forward to an excellent business partnership where I get two hours in the afternoon of sanity, so I can clean the house (more hysterical laughter), sew, go for a run, play on the computer.

I'm SOOOO excited and only twenty short minutes till she arrives. The Cookie Monster is not going to sleep obviously so I've got to go!

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