Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Sometimes the hardest thing about your dream home is it’s location. Our picturesque setting comes with many pleasures, no neighbors in view, the sound of running water (nearby creek) foliage view from every window, and my favorite, no pooper scooper laws. But there are always some drawbacks, no cable has ever been run down this road (not a huge hardship) and DSL only became available in August. Since August I have been in DSL heaven, having an infant means I have less time on the computer than I want, but waiting for dial up was impossible.

However since DSL has come into our lives I have been exposed to Spyware and pop ups for the first time. These problems never surface when you have country bumpkin dial up. So now I have frustrating days where I can’t get on the internet because the spyware has re directed me to (obscene site of your choosing, after all this is a family blog).

But now all is well because (to borrow from Sarah) the Super Nice Husband has come home on his lunch break to fix all my internet problems.

So without further adieu ….

Here she is ….

Forever and Quilt Posted by Hello

I finished up my Softie for Loobylu’s November Month of Softies project. Her name is Forever.

She is going to a foster daughter of a woman whom I work with at the OB clinic where I am doing my internship, this woman was also my OB’s medical assistant. All day long she works with pregnant women, some who are doing things to themselves that we would never believe, those of us who gave up caffeine, and beer and OH MY GOD, chocolate, so our babies would be healthy can’t imagine putting Meth, Cocaine or Heroin into our unborn babies. This woman works with this everyday and then is a foster mother on top of it.

She has a foster daughter right now who has had a difficult time, at five years old she has had three almost adoptions. That’s right, she was almost adopted three times and those adoptions did not go through, so she has some attachments issues.

Her foster mother always makes sure when she gives her a present, that she rights the little girls name on it, because “it’s hers forever”. So here is my Softie, Forever, with her quilt accessory. Because to me quilts say “I want you to be warm and loved, forever.”

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