Sunday, October 31, 2004


UFO's (unfinished objects) haunt my cupboards. Like so many Quilters I have projects upon projects to finish. This particular quilt for a favorite uncle who has helped us with more home repair than we care to remember is made out of denim.

When a male cousin graduated from highschool I wanted to give him a quilt that wasn't too "girly" and I hit upon making denim quilts, my brother and husband loved it and they each requested and recieved one.

This Fish Quilt has been in the works for over a year I'm sad to say and I promised my husband I would have it done by today. It is important to have goals and sometimes it is important to procrastinate, after all I have stuffed giraffes to make as well. Plus I'm excited about my new blog and learning to work the kinks out of it. Well if we must, we must, off to the sewing machine afterall I only have a few precious hours (Mr. Moo is at his grandparents house and The Man is at the pottery studio) until the trick-or-treaters arrive. Okay we have never had trick-or-treaters, EVER in the three years we have lived here. Goals. Right. Goals.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Pink Elephant Quilt Posted by Hello

I was already behind in my baby quilts when I started the Pink Elephant Quilt. I don't know why I needed to make the Pink Elephant Quilt but I did. I wanted it to be a fast and easy quilt. That was August. It is October. My list of UFO's (unfinished objects) has gone down by one since then and up by two. This will have to wait till Christmas presents are done. (*sigh*)

Pink Elephants

Millicent Posted by Hello

George begat H.T. and H.T. begat Millicent. Millicent is partnered with the Pink Elephant quilt above She'll be bagged and packaged tomorrow and send to her new owner because frankly the Pink Elephant quilt is not going to be done before Christmas...(EEKS CHRISTMAS) Below is a picture of the momma and baby on the border of this quilt.

baby and mom Posted by Hello

H.T. and George

H.T and George Posted by Hello

I've always thought of myself as a quilter, but it has become overwhelming lately. So a few weekends ago we went to the beach and I decided I needed a faster baby gift then quilts because frankly too many people I know are pregnant and I just can't keep up. So I hit upon these totally cute patterns called RumpledQuiltSkins. I bought the Giraffe and George was born. Then I got to thinking about this pink elephant quilt that I haven't finished (or sandwiched) yet and I thought maybe I could take an elephant to the shower and buy myself some time. Thus we have H.T. (Head Trauma) His head wasn't quite right so he needed a bandage. Two new friends for my little Buddy.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Quilt for my baby

Turtle Love Posted by Hello

This was a quilt I began piecing when The Man and I thought about getting pregnant. I loved the plaid flannel squares and the southwest style turtles together with the blue flannel pajamas of a fellow Mad Quilter.

I finished quilting this when Mr. Moo was about four months old. One of the reasons I was so behind in my baby quilts was that about the seventh month of my pregnancy I developed something similar to carpal tunnel. Other people have swollen ankles, I got swollen wrists. My hands were constantly numb making quilting out of the question, and they didn't get better until Mr. Moo was about 3 months old.

October BOM

Turtle Posted by Hello

In honor of the first annual Turtle Dash Half Marathon that my sister and I organized (and because all the Mad Quilters in driving distance ran in the Turtle Dash) the October block of the month was a turtle. Not entirely of my own design. Measurements for a 9 1/2 block are as follows:

2 3/4 for whole squares
3 1/4 squares for triangles

Friday, October 01, 2004

History in the Making

Pajama Party Posted by Hello

When my mom expressed an interest I got so excited I drove the three hours to her house once a month for a Saturday Sampler Club. I started late (thus only nine blocks) and I didn't like the color choice that they handed out, so instead I made this sampler from old pajamas my siblings and I wore as kids (and a few I wore as an adult). The result a very snuggling sampler to wrap Mr. Moo in.

My husband claims it is his favorite baby quilt. High praise indeed!