Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pukefest '05

Well Pukefest ’05 appears to be over. Poor Mr. Moo has spent most of the day staring blankly at Baby Einstein, or holding on to my leg “mama mama mama mamamamamamamamama”. He has eaten probably two whole piece of toast in the last twenty four hours.

There were some rough hours yesterday where I thought I was going to hurl as well. I’m pretty excited to have spent two of the last three weeks of my half marathon training, sick. After Mr. Moo’s next nap we are going for a walk, because I feel able to handle a walk. And Jonah die of forgotten dog disease, if we don’t go for one.

So not much happening here besides holding babies and thinking about quilts. Hopefully I’ll get to check in with more of my Blog list later today and post my entry for Month of Softies, which believe it or not, I'm done, with a day to spare. Except I'm not really done because I ran out of off to Joann's when I drop off Pixie tonight.

More news from my Stitch in Time group Tuesday night. One of my fellow quilters showered me with goodies, including this doll.

I have taken about 14 hundredpictures of this doll (seriously) but she is so bright that she always has a glare. I even tried scanning her, but then she REALLYlooked weird. Anyway isn’t this a cute doll? I do not know what I did that was so deserving of all these gift, but I’m loving it!

Quilter Friend also gave me this great Block of the Month series! I’m so excited. Each of these blocks can be finished individually or sewn together in one quilt, and each pattern comes with the full Nursery Rhyme.

Humpty Dumpty is the February block, the next Mad Quilters BOM starts in July, and I think this would make a great quilt or wall hanging and you can pick and choose which blocks you want to use. This pattern is designed by Sarah Sporrer and it is all hand appliqués and embellishment. It’s “rough” appliqué, which means you don’t turn the edges under, you straight stitch around the design creating a more rustic look.

It is always nice to have these things planned out ahead of time, although it may be a challenge for the Mad Quilters, as many of us haven't done much applique. We'll see how it goes.

Here are the rest of the rhymes for the months.
January-Northwind doth blow
February-Humpty Dumpty
March- Baa baa Black sheep
April-Rain Rain Go Away
May -Mary Contrary
June-Hickety Pickety my Black Hen
July-Yankee Doodle
August-Bobby Shafto's gone to Sea
September-Peter Pumpkin Eater
October-Hickory Dickory Dock
November-Blackbirds Pie
December-Christmas is coming (the goose is getting fat!)

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  • On the disturbing star-baby doll: did you try taking a photo without the flash? Might require a tripod.

    I turn up my nose at applique, and the spelling of it.

    I have evil villian dreams of making a quilt composed of squares in which the actual squares are less than their seem allowances! BWAGHHAHAHAHAAHHAA! 40 yards of fabric to produce a hot pad. Is that not All American? Criminal genius.

    By Blogger KAP, at 4/01/2005 03:09:00 PM  

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