Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Blogger Mystery

Below are the two pictures that gave me so much stress yesterday, they are trying to do the same today but I have out smarted them HA HA! For some reason if I just post the pictures they turn out fine, but if I post text with the picture they are just a little box. What a pain!

With my sewing room in shambles, my blogs in limbo, and my readings for class undone, I’ve been in serious need of inspiration. Why does posting my own quilts inspire me? I think it is reassurance that I can complete projects!

I love making quilts out of old clothes, it is so comfy feeling somehow. I think I mentioned it before, but making quilts for guys often presents a challenge and I’ve found that most of them respond well to denim quilts.

I made this quilt for my husband before we were married, when we were just living together, in sin. And it has been our bed every since. Frankly I like the denim look too.

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