Monday, January 24, 2005

It's what's for dinner

My class this weekend was INCREDIBLE, which I think is saying something since it took up my whole weekend, the only time all week when I see The Man! It was an organizational management class and not only was the professor engaging, and get nuts he is a manager! There was no silly gimmicky crap, like if you just motivate your people you'll have a well run agency.

He said basically sometimes you have crappy employees and you have to work hard to hire the people you want and keep the people that do a great job! That was super simplified because I know you don't want the full 24 hours of lecture, but it was good! Realism in action. I love it.

So I came home totally re-energized (weird, huh?) and ready for the week. And ready to organize my life, thinking about my goals, what I want, what I don't want and how to get there.

I have been struggling lately with my two blogs Run Turtle Run and this one because running and quilting are both passions of mine, but they don't seem to merge well. I've come up with some ideas how to merge them but I think it will involve me moving to a different blog host or *egads* setting up my own server to get the look and organization that would be easy to negotiate for the Internet.

There is nothing I hate more than going to a blog which I can't figure out because 1) they've got dark purple writing on a black background and I can't see a think or 2) it is so disorganized that I get lost and can't follow the layout.

So thoughts on that welcome. But the best thing about my weekend was the dinner The Man made last night.

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