Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ramblings of a Redhead

Gratuitous picture of my kid.

Sooo cute. Posted by Hello

Isn't it amazing how fast you connect with people on the internet? As you know I struggle with how open to be on my posts, but as I blog longer and become more comfortable I open up more and more.

However I'm constantly amazed at other's openness, and willingness to let the internet into their lives. We can shift through our daily blogs reading about other people's lives, taking on their burdens, feeling their grief, talking about them with our friends, only to get to that awkward part of the conversation when your running partners says "now, how do you know heather?"

It sort of like renting. You can take some new friends home, add them to your blog favorites, check them out for a couple of weeks, see if you like them or not, comment once in a while, and either add them to your list of daily reads or move on to someone whose interests are more like yours, or whom you have a lot in common with.

Which I grant you is a lot like daily life, but the internet is like diet friendships. No guilt. If you don't like someone's website, you don't comment, you move on, and unless you are of the breed that must CRASH AND BASH because you are a bitter poo, no one ever knows you are there, you hurt no ones feelings you just don't visit anymore.

Okay, I've got quilting block, because my room is TRASHED and writers block, because, you guessed it (you guys are good) I should be writing a paper for school. Back to the grind. *sigh*

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  • Aww, what an adorable photo!

    I am so glad to have recently stumbled upon the world of craft blogs and "met" all these amazing women like yourself. It's really been wonderful to do just browse around and decide if you want to start coming back or not with no hassle, just like you said.

    By Blogger two rabbits, at 1/19/2005 06:14:00 PM  

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