Monday, January 17, 2005


Well it's done. Pink Elephants officially moving from UFO list to Quilt Gallery (see sidebar). I'm just happy that my Quilt Gallery list is currently bigger than my UFO list. Success!

I am loving the tag I made for this Quilt, I usually just do boring old squares, but I have already cut out a polar bear tag for the Polar Bear Quilt, cuz I thought this was so cute.

tag Posted by Hello

The hardest thing about finishing a quilt is figuring out what to do next, The Man just rolls his eyes because their are several things, including Denim Fish that he would like me to finish!

But after this weekend my sewing room, is empty and their is a hole in the wall. My sewing machine is packed up and crammed into the Baby's room with other random furniture.

Which means the quilt square for the Tsunami Quilt is on hold but I have a month, and the BOM for February is going to be applique. In the meantime I was able to figure it out, I'm appliquing the red tree on to Pixie Potter's Quilt.

And there you have it I mentioned every UFO on my list. Don't worry, I have two more to add soon!

Happy Martin Luther King's Day.

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