Monday, January 10, 2005

Back to our regular Scheduled Program

House Quilt Posted by Hello

This a picture of one of my Aunt's Quilts. The benefits to living on the outskirts of Lancaster County are obvious throughout my Aunt's beautifully decorated house. This pattern just reminds me of snuggly warmness.

My sister called this weekend and told me that they were thinking about reading from my blog at Grandpa's funeral. After several minutes of conversation it was decided that I would just write the eulogy. So that is what I spend this weekend doing. A hard task. I interspersed it with reading for school (bleck) quilting more on the pink elephants (they're almost done!) chasing the Buddy around, and playing the SIMS.

I very seriously thought about starting a stuffed giraffe for my neighbor who delivered her baby Friday night. But didn't.

Last night, I tried organizing my sewing room for construction (minor) and painting. But mostly I followed Mr. Moo around putting back on the shelves what he was taking off. Thanks kid!

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