Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hoop Dreams

Ouila! Quilting in progress. So far 2005 has rocked, I started out with a good run followed by a day of quilting. I know I won't get the pink elephants done today, but I am entertaining the idea of pushing through and getting them done by class monday night. Hey the baby was born in time management is not amazing but still!

hoop dreams Posted by Hello

Laying around yesterday gave me a chance to spend time staring blanking at wall hangings like my Christmas Quilt, and I became inspired! I'm going to do a similar chain effect that the green squares make in the Christmas quilt, using white squares and dark purple background to finish up my Polar Bear Quilt.

Today's goal either realize I'm not going to get December's BOM done and mail off the Mad Quilter's Monthly anyway, or get the darn BOM done and mail off the newsletter. We'll see.


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