Thursday, December 30, 2004

Purple Santa

Well the buddy is starting to feel better, he is still super snotty, but he ate food today and we weren't panickly shoving juice bottles in his face every hour. Now The Man is down for the count and I'm feeling awfully stuffy. Thanks everyone, for the well wishes!

I'm still having difficulties getting into the quilting mood. I think this is partly because I don't feel well and partly because I'm taking apart my sewing room. That chaos always makes it difficult to sit down and get things started. Or finished in my case, have you seen my UFO list? Yikes!

placemat Posted by Hello

Luckily I have gifts I made for Christmas that I can post. I decided since my Aunt collected Blue Santa's and my Sister, Green, that My mom shouldn't have boring ol' Red Santas but instead Purple Santa's to match her purple stuff. I had planned on getting two of these done for ...yeah. She just got one. On the other hand I have great ideas for the next eleven Christmases since this is a Sue Garman BOM pattern I got off the Quakertown Website.

In other non quilting (what quilting anyway?) news I have enjoyed having The Man home for a week now. It is fun to pop into town for whatever or work on home projects but I notice that I don't seem to get as much done. I think this is because my schedule is thrown off. I have a schedule problem, The Man can attest to this, I usually have list upon list of what I will be doing when. As you can image the Baby has definately made me have to relax this regimental style but I still cling to some of it, like nap time, walking the dog, blogging.

You know priorities.

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