Thursday, December 23, 2004


The Milkman and Mr. Moo Posted by Hello

Well with less than 36 hours till Christmas, it's official, no Christmas Cards this year. I'm hoping for a last ditch effort tomorrow morning after I run to Fred Meyer's for wrapping paper, because I figure I should probably wrap some presents soon. Okay so realistically what will probably happen is I will email my Christmas cards to those of my family and friends who have e-mail.

I just can't figure out how it got to be the 23rd! As far as I know my Grandfather is still in the hospital he had a touch of pneumonia when the baby and I flew out on Monday night and he had been sedated because he was agressive towards the nurses who were dispensing medications. I think he is tired. Very tired.

The last week has been fulfilling but emotionally exhuasting, I had a great time visiting relatives that I really haven't spent time with in a while. And I got some great pictures of the baby with my Grandpa.

Even better, though I gave some presents and so I can finally start posting what I've been up to. Yeah!!

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