Monday, December 13, 2004


Not to mention, cute little ones for baby buddies. This is cousin Pooh Bear's hat, he let us borrow it over the weekend as we viewed Puget Sound. I'm dying to make one just like it for Mr. Moo. Maybe for me too. Maybe not.

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Cookie Day was AWESOME, we have realized that we are not in our peak baking years, with a twenty month old and a nine month old underfoot, not a whole lot of cooking was done. But it is all about bonding...over cookie dough.

I would like to be working on some off the piles on my craft table but last night I recieved a call from the East Coast and my grandfather, is in the hospital so Mr. Moo and I are flying out of Seattle tomorrow evening, Philadelphia bound.

I've spent all day, laundering our clothes and trying to pack chrismas presents in around them. Fun Fun Fun.

My post maybe sporadic thorughout the next week. Bear with us.

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