Sunday, November 21, 2004

Things I could be doing

I love going to other blogs and seeing what everyone is up to, it is so inspiring for me, of course what I should be doing is my single case design paper (due Tuesday) for my Methods Research class but I’m at the computer and I just wanted to peek.

And then of course I want to blog, because Hey! I'm at the computer already. Below is a picture of my Pixie Twilight Quilt, also known as the Mad Quilter’s Block of the Month 2003.

Pixie Twilight Posted by Hello

I set the Blocks of the month around a sunset scene, and plan to use the purple fabric in the corners as a fat border followed by the same dark purple and orange sashing for the outside border.

This quilt is for a young lady I know, hopefully for her twelfth birthday (April) as usual my original plan was this Christmas, but sometimes goals don’t work out. The name Pixie Twilight came from a woman I knew a long time ago who planned on naming her unborn daughter Pixie, but she had a son, so she scrapped that name.

These colors remind me of twilight and its future owner reminds me a of a forest pixie, so I thought the name was fitting. I love my Dr. Seuss tree in the sunset, originally I wanted to put an owl there, but I like it without the owl for now. The tree is just pinned on, I have to baste it soon because there is one thing I have learned as my UFO stash grows and that is that pins...RUST. A quick and easy way to ruin a quilt.

I enjoy having my UFO’s so readily available for viewing on my blog, because I can get all excited about them again without taking them out of the box. So it is only a virtual mess in my head instead of one in my sewing room.

Back to the schoolwork!

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