Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I am the treat!

I am the treat! Posted by Hello

Here is Mr. Moo in his new hat I made from some beautiful fleece I found. He was a little confused as to why we were wearing the hat inside and I managed to snap this right before he threw it in the kitten's water bowl.

Mr. Moo is also sporting his halloween bib from his New Jersey Grandma which states I am the treat , which of course we knew.

Today was a Cookie Monster Day and he ate and ate and ate while Mr. Moo was napping and then he cried and cried while I downloaded pictures. The tricky thing about two babies, is that they double team you with their nap times...its a rare day they nap at the same time..and sometimes you have to make a list of what you are doing because you may start to make bread, type a blog, clean out the cupboards and then you may forget about it for four hours while you entertain infants.

Oh well. I have pink elephants to make!

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