Wednesday, November 17, 2004

In the Beginning

Okay, I'm such a computer dork that I am not even able to troubleshoot my own blog, apparently my non-dork super computer geek husband was ridding our hard drive of spyware last night and set my security settings so high that I couldn't access my own blog or hotmail....anyway the trauma of it all.

On an up note it is always cool when people read your blog, and I found out that Sarah at Hip to Piece Squares is alive!! yahoo.

Rowing Posted by Hello

So in the beginning there was Chiropractor coffee girl and Li'l Muscle. We were all on the Crew team together in college...No not the Harvard rowing team pictured above, but the Washington State Rowing Team. GO COUGS. (I'm trying to be more open here) Anyway I had been quilting for about a year and was looking for quilter buddies when we had a reunion of sorts in Pullman and both expressed quilting interests.

So we became the Saturday morning Crew Quilters, but then my sister and "T" joined and then Cool kelly started coming around and since we all lived all over the Northwest we became the Mad Quilters, because "T"'s husband said we were crazy to drive all over for quilting groups. But we like quilting.

Then Cool Kelly moved to Texas and Li'l Muscle's doctorate program moved to Chicago and now we have to keep touch by internet/and montly newsletter. Then we started doing the Blocks of the Months which I love.

You can find all the patterns for our current BOM in Block Party by Marsha McClosky, except the Turtle pattern which lists it's measurements.

So a history lesson on the Mad Quilters.

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