Friday, November 12, 2004

Table Picture Day

Table Picture Day Posted by Hello

I cannot believe how much Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls gets done. I mean really, between running after Mr. Moo and trying to sneak projects in while he is sleeping, I’m exhausted! Thank goodness for Tania and her projects that I can handle! Take a Picture of Your Desk Day I can do.! Taking a picture of my work area, while scary is very manageable for me. THANK YOU!

Here is my work area and the gifts of fabric for my friend in Chicago in the upper right hand corner. A picture of Mr. Moo in his pumpkin hat, the pattern for a Rag Quilt my mother wants, to the left is an oven mitt which is TOO SMALL for a normal person so I need to keep working on that. And then of course to add to my list of things to do is the Wee Tutorial project that Hillary posted yesterday. I loved the pincushion idea and I’m think they will make great Christmas gifts for my crafty friends!

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