Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bad Mom Award II

Here's a picture someone sent me, taken back in October. The Buddy was helping me check in quilts at our local quilt show, his pumpkin hat and laid back demeanor was a big hit with the local quilters, plus have you ever met a quilter who didn't like babies? Uh, yeah.

Quilt Show Posted by Hello

Hard to believe that this was two months ago when my eight month old could be left unattended for minutes in one place and still be there when I came back.

I am blessed with a happy baby who plays by himself or with his toys but he sure is busy! Today as I was, starting dinner, making bread, checking my blogs, and emails. I lost him. Yeah, I know bad mom award. But I have things to do...and people to keep up with.

His new favorite things are, pull all the CD's off daddies shelves, empty the laundry basket (of dirty clothes) play in the toilet, empty the sock bowl of socks, climb the stairs, play in the toilet, crawl around on the dog, lick the cats (all over) and did I mention play in the toilets?

Now I know he likes to play chase; chase the cats, chase the turtle on a rope, be chased by mommy, daddy, grandpa, and he likes to play peekaboo. Today we discovered Hide and Go Seek. Only he isn't a very good hider.

As I was running panicked from room to room, checking the stairs, the cat food, the toilets....I said out loud "Where is my baby" and I heard a giggle. I stopped and found him sitting in the dark in the bathroom, with his hands clasped. He squealed and lifted his arms to me when I found obviously pleased with himself.

He's funny, but I think I'm in real trouble!

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  • Mama Chew says:
    Gotta watch out for those tiolets! One time Cynda was splasing around and put her toilet-water covered hand in her mouth...yuk! Anyway she soon came down with the runs...oh yeah. Sabrina and I were stuck with disgusting poopy duty and although we tried to be as sanitary as possible, it wasn't but a day or two before I started totally "ralphing" followed soon there after by Sabrina....well you get the picture.

    On a more serious note our condolences for your grandfather, good he was able to make Tommy's aquaintence.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/07/2005 04:00:00 PM  

  • As the husband/father, I have to say that I have a print of that photo at work. I put in on a little shelf on my desk that is right at eye level. You can't see if if you walk into my office unless you come around the desk and invade my personal space. Whenever (about once in every three minutes) the computer makes one of the several little signals that it makes that tell me that it is going to be a few moments doing what it is doing, my eye naturally tends to drift to just that eye level. Its a nice little continual reminder of why I'm sitting in an office, waiting on a computere to do whatever its doing - sort of a little energy boost I enjoy over and over.


    By Blogger Scott in Washington, at 1/13/2005 09:52:00 PM  

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