Monday, January 03, 2005

blah blah blah

And here he is reading to Fric and Frac, who are very captive audience, although I think they may have been sleeping.

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Continued quilting on the Pink Elephant quilt, interspersed with chasing Mr. Moo around. In just a few weeks he has gone from “Hurray! He can crawl” to “Where is the baby?” to “He’s on the stairs!!”

The Man was working one of his web design jobs yesterday when I frantically called him to tell him he needed to buy yet another child gate to keep are ever active son from toppling down the stairs.

I’m excited to work on my polar bear quilt but have set the goal of finishing the Pink Elephants first. That hasn’t kept me from cutting 2” white squares for the Courthouse Square pattern that I’m using to offset the Polar Bears.

Once I’m done the Pink Elephant quilt I will allow myself to piece the 12 Courthouse Square blocks I need, then I will move on to finishing my Loobylu’s Months of Softies to keep me busy. What the heck am I going to do for this?

In the mean time, its darn chilly in the Pacific Northwest, I'm gonna put more wood in the woodstove.

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