Friday, January 21, 2005

Quilting in Baby Kingdom

I decided it was time to shake off the non-quilting blues, due to lack of sewing machine accessibility. One, who wants to be depressed? Two, I have a paper to write and I AM A PROCRASTINATOR PEOPLE! So, I broke out the sewing machine.

Since my sewing machine is in Mr. Moo’s room currently, while construction goes on (or sits at a standstill because have you tried ripping down sheetrock with an eleven months old around? Uh, Yeah.) in the other room, I am sitting on a plastic tub of material sewing borders on Pixie Potter’s quilt.

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I’m currently working on one of three borders, a dark purple, which will be followed by a random nine patch pattern of all the material I used in the quilt, and then another solid border before binding.

Quilting around Mr. Moo is a challenge for sure, I learn new tricks and techniques everyday. Obvious tips include, don’t leave your pins laying out, don’t leave fabric laying out (this is very tasty when you are a baby, I don’t know why) don’t leave rotary cutters out, scissors, you get the idea. But, having speed crawlers also mean you can’t leave quilts laying on the floor, while pinning or cutting unless rug rats are contained (unhappily, most often) in playpen or crib.*

I use to carefully pin all my bindings before I whip stitched them, now I use a total of ten straight pins, because I can remember that number and look for the pin if it falls out (nightmares of firstborn choking on pin, stepping on pin, poking out eye with pin: check, check, check). Then I whipstitch pinned area before moving on to next section. Flexible. That’s me.

On a random note (is there another kind?) I realized while writing out my quilting needs list that it could be somewhat incriminating if found by the Drug Task Force.

Razor Blades.

Quilter or Meth head? You decide.

I’m not looking forward do this weekend at all. Three days of school Friday night 6-10 , Saturday and Sunday 8-5. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck! And have I mentioned school is 45 minutes away so really it is 5-11, and 7-6. Yuck to infinity squared.

Three days of not working on the ex-sewing room/now sewing room again, project. Three days of not quilting and three days (most likely) of not running.

On the upside it will probably be the first three days in eleven months of not changing any diapers, or doing housework, oh whoops I forgot I don’t do that anyway.

*Mr. Moo only contained in crib for photoshoot, I do not jail my kid in his crib all day while I merrily sew, you'll notice the toys strewn about beneath crib where he had been happily playing only moments before. And the walnut clutched in his fist....why? because Daddy gave him one, one time, and walnuts are THE BOMB PEOPLE!

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