Wednesday, January 19, 2005


The weather is balmy 57 today and so we enjoyed the don’t-have-to-bundled-up-our-noses warmness and went for a two mile walk. I need to be running five miles on Saturday, now that I’m officially in the training for my half in April mode.

I’m not feeling the pressure at all because I’m easily running 3.5 now. Finding the time is a little bit more of an issue. I have a weekend class this weekend (fun! Fun! Fun!) and school is 45 minutes away so that may be tricky. But its important to have goals.

Sadly, Jonah lost a badly mutilated ball on our walk, but made up for it by peeing 37 times! Then he found a pumpkin to play with and that cheered him up a lot.

pumpkin Posted by Hello

Jonah the Dog’s Log:
Balls started with:1
Balls lost on run:1
Balls found on run:0
Pumpkins found: 1

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