Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lookin Good

Okay, so I had a little blogging melt down this morning when it took five minutes to download a picture and then every time I added text the picture disappeared. I couldn't figure it out and Mr. Moo wasn't interested in letting me, so frustration got the better of me and I signed off and turned off the computer.

Pixie Potter showed up as usual at three and it allowed me time to sit down, and concentrate on my blog, and once I determined that the slow factor was over I went into the template and changed things around.

Still have a few kinks to mess around with, but I feel better. And I look better, to me anyway.

Also while I was on my afternoon computer hiatus, I cut out a giraffe to sew together. I decided that cutting out softies is one thing I can do while the Buddy is napping and then I can sew in spurts.

Funny how after a day of writing down your goals, you can feel overwhelmed! Back to the business of making quilts!

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  • hey! when did your blog become mine, or mine yours?! i am so, so sorry brit if i switched to this template after you did. i definitely hadn't seen it on your blog when i changed my site to it over the weekend! i was getting so tired of the dots, and still am so tired of all the blogger templates - i wish i could make the move to do my own site and not be forced into a template.

    anyway, will go change my template tonight to something else so we don't look the same!

    By Blogger two rabbits, at 1/25/2005 06:29:00 PM  

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