Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve

Life in mucas land is...snotty. All I've had for the last 24 hours, has been hot water with lemon juice in it and The Man's Super Yummy Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup. yummmm. I'm am supposed to be running 3miles tonight at the annual Year to Year Run our town hosts each year. I'm at least going to show up. After all I have to promote the Heart and Sole Run, which is a fun run I'm organizing. (because I'm insane, why do you ask?)

Today Dooce posted and opened her comments to the general public (a historic event in my reading of her blog) for women to post blogs that inspire them. It's awesome, you should check it out, she was at 150 comments minutes ago, its a lot to wade through but worth it to see what women are doing out there on the blog.

From past postings you know that I struggle with the blogosphere, I enjoying visiting and blogging and checking up on my fellow bloggers, and friends. I have a hard time opening up and posting as much as say Heather Armstrong aka Dooce, does or as much as Melissa does at Suburban Bliss. Both of these blogs are daily reads for me as are all the blogs on my list, but I have a problem being as open, and I think that is okay.

I've come to accept that I'm not that open, and I'm okay with that too. I enjoying blogging because it harkens back to my desire to be a writer, but I could never be writer because I can't even open up on paper, I spend so much time worrying about what people will think about my writing, or more importantly that they will try to find themselves in it that I'll never be that successfull.

So instead, I'll blog and quilt and maybe become a grant writer because lately I've been thinking. ...hey, I could do that.

Speaking of things I can do, I uncovered my sewing machine tonight, and I may just finish a project. GET OUT!

But first, more chicken noodle soup, and I think a nap.

Blog on Bloggers, I sure do dig you all.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Purple Santa

Well the buddy is starting to feel better, he is still super snotty, but he ate food today and we weren't panickly shoving juice bottles in his face every hour. Now The Man is down for the count and I'm feeling awfully stuffy. Thanks everyone, for the well wishes!

I'm still having difficulties getting into the quilting mood. I think this is partly because I don't feel well and partly because I'm taking apart my sewing room. That chaos always makes it difficult to sit down and get things started. Or finished in my case, have you seen my UFO list? Yikes!

placemat Posted by Hello

Luckily I have gifts I made for Christmas that I can post. I decided since my Aunt collected Blue Santa's and my Sister, Green, that My mom shouldn't have boring ol' Red Santas but instead Purple Santa's to match her purple stuff. I had planned on getting two of these done for ...yeah. She just got one. On the other hand I have great ideas for the next eleven Christmases since this is a Sue Garman BOM pattern I got off the Quakertown Website.

In other non quilting (what quilting anyway?) news I have enjoyed having The Man home for a week now. It is fun to pop into town for whatever or work on home projects but I notice that I don't seem to get as much done. I think this is because my schedule is thrown off. I have a schedule problem, The Man can attest to this, I usually have list upon list of what I will be doing when. As you can image the Baby has definately made me have to relax this regimental style but I still cling to some of it, like nap time, walking the dog, blogging.

You know priorities.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Well we're down for the count here. The Post Holly daze has got us. Mr. Moo woke up with a snotty nose Monday morning which by nightfall had progressed to a temperature of 101.1. After a call to The Doctor, we gave him some baby tylenol and he seemed to feel better and fell asleep.

He was up every twenty minutes after that, snortling and gasping for mucasy breaths.

Today he mostly slept. We drove to Portland to the pottery supply place of choice so The Man could restock, and then headed home, both pooped. Mr. Moo is miserable and we are getting sick too.

When will I ever get back to my project list? Who needs resolutions when you have a UFO list?

Here is a picture of my sick little man snuggled under some quilts and the nifty fleece I bought at the ACME in Philadelphia. I love it! And it was only four dollars!! I can't buy that much fleece for that low a price.

Philly Find Posted by Hello

I may make a hat out of it in the future, but for now I'm enjoying snuggling with the baby under it.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Raffle

Last year for the first time since I was five, I won a raffle. When I was five I won a coloring contest raffle and got to pick out my own prize from the store that sponsored the coloring contest. I picked John Denver's greatest hits. Uh, yeah.

Last year I won a Quilt! It is so beautiful, and with the hectic running around and unplanned jaunt to the Philadephia, it was the perfect decoration for our sadly Christmas Tree lacking house.

Christmas Quilt Posted by Hello

To make the win even more delicious, the quilt has some light tan fabric with dragon flys on it that I used in another quilt I made for a friend. Talk about meant to be.


Along with the Cranberry Kir, she serves at holiday gatherings, my mother-in-law is a top notch shopper. This lovely piece of fabric was in my stocking. I LOVE IT.

Christmas fabric Posted by Hello

To give credit where credit is due, The Man gave me a gift certificate to the local quilt to charm me. (Yes I read Dooce too.....who doesn't?)

Friday, December 24, 2004

Three Blue Santas

I'm a little behind in my pictures from the East Coast so I thought I would take this chance, while the baby is sleeping the presents are wrapped, the husband is cutting firewood and the bread is rising to blog.

I took this sad little picture at my Aunt's house. She collects blue santas. She has a blue santa room. It's true. My sister collects green santa's but this is about my Aunt. I love making ornaments, crosstich, pillows, quilts for my sister and aunt becuase they are so different. Everyone has red santas, blue and green are different.

I made this quilt probably four or five years ago for my aunt and she has it displayed in her Blue santa room.

Three Blue Santas Posted by Hello

I also made this blue santa tree skirt.

Blue Santa Tree Skirt

Blue Santa tree skirt Posted by Hello

I started this tree skirt, um, maybe ten years ago...okay probably only seven. I finished it last year (2003) for my aunt for Christmas. I LOVE IT. I really love the quilting which is all on the beard of the santa, for his whiskers, maybe I'l make myself one this year. Only what color?

The buzzer is buzzing, back to the kitchen.


Thursday, December 23, 2004


The Milkman and Mr. Moo Posted by Hello

Well with less than 36 hours till Christmas, it's official, no Christmas Cards this year. I'm hoping for a last ditch effort tomorrow morning after I run to Fred Meyer's for wrapping paper, because I figure I should probably wrap some presents soon. Okay so realistically what will probably happen is I will email my Christmas cards to those of my family and friends who have e-mail.

I just can't figure out how it got to be the 23rd! As far as I know my Grandfather is still in the hospital he had a touch of pneumonia when the baby and I flew out on Monday night and he had been sedated because he was agressive towards the nurses who were dispensing medications. I think he is tired. Very tired.

The last week has been fulfilling but emotionally exhuasting, I had a great time visiting relatives that I really haven't spent time with in a while. And I got some great pictures of the baby with my Grandpa.

Even better, though I gave some presents and so I can finally start posting what I've been up to. Yeah!!

Reindeer Games

This was one of my favorite projects this year. I got the idea at the local Quilt Show in October. I traced the baby's hands and feet (okay I photo copied them...he squirms, alot) and then cut them out of fabric to make these cute potholders.

Reindeer Games Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Our PC appears to be crashing and burning just in time for the holidays. I'm back in the Northwest and am having trouble getting the computer to play nice. My frustration level is high and it is cutting down on my blogging ability. I have pictures to share, and will continue to try and upload them today.

Bah Humbug.

Friday, December 17, 2004


Still. No. Pictures. Arghhhh.

The baby has discovered…. wheelchairs. They are amazing! You can play with the wheels, the levers and even the legs that come with them! And let’s talk about walkers. You push them and they go! Mr. Moo took several steps (all around the living room) with G-G-mom’s walker. He is sooooo advanced. Poor Daddy, he missed it. And we miss him.

Christmas Molasses

I’m so bummed that I can’t get pictures downloaded from my camera to this computer because there are so many beautiful things I want to share with the Internet! Beautiful tree skirts that my Aunt has in her house, quilts that I remember from childhood. Maybe I will find an Internet café today, or a photo shop.

I’m spending from about 9am to 9pm at the retirement center, since my grandfather still requires constant care, and the nurse only comes from 11pm to 7am. I’m not able to keep up with my blogs or my favorite reading blogs, because my Uncle’s computer keeps suffering a FATAL SYNTAX ERROR HAS OCCURRED, WINDOWS IS SHUTING DOWN. I’ll give you a fatal error! I have blogs to write! Thank you to everyone who has emailed their support I would like to reply individually, but I'm lucky to get this silly machine to post to my blog let alone allow me to write emails!

While my frustration with my Uncle’s computer is great, I’m really thankful for this opportunity to spend time with my grandparents and family. I haven’t spend the Christmas holidays with them since The Man and I got married. It’s like stepping back in time, in a good way. Having a child seems to have somehow thrust me into adulthood in their eyes in a way leaving home, going to college, and marrying hadn’t.

Someone once told me that families grow apart and that it was something I needed to accept, this Christmas I disagree with that statement even more strongly then I did when I first heard the words fly across those bitter lips. Spending this time with my Mother’s family has been a great experience, sure they all have their quirks, and there are topics we don’t discuss, and hurts we don’t re-visit, but there is love. Family love. Their response to Mr. Moo is so overwhelming for me, to watch my Grandfather, who sleeps most of the day, play tug of war with the baby or let the baby feed him goldfish crackers, or just looking around at my Mother, Aunt, Uncle, Sister, Grandparents, and Great Aunt and realize we have spent the last three hours watching the baby “work” on Grandpa’s wheel chair, (Look at these HUUUGE wheels Mom!) reminds me of how much families mean to each other.

My Mother and I have had our differences but families are about differences, about working through them and coming out the other side knowing that there is love and support there.

Almost all my life I’m lived over 3,000 miles away from my extended family, but I’ve always felt close to both sides. I credit my family with that success. Both my parents, who flew us back to Pennsylvania/New Jersey to visit with family and Relatives who visited us in Georgia and later Washington State. Even though I’ve been separated by distance I have always felt close to my family in my heart.

As I grow older I am even more thankful for the effort my family put forth in my youth so that I would know where I came from, and would know that people loved me.

The more mature I become the more I realize that families don’t grow apart. Sometimes they are torn apart by hate, racism, prejudice, misunderstanding, or anger, but the don’t grow apart. Not the families I know. In the last year, I have come to realize that it is those who truly love us that can forgive even the most evil of transgressions and can love us for who we are. In the last year I have watched my baby become a centerpiece for bringing a wounded family back together, and this Christmas I am reaping the benefits of my family’s support and love..

With seven days left till Christmas, I realize that I won’t be getting my Christmas Cards out, I probably won’t have a tree, but I will have my family. I will have my Grandfather, who I remember from my childhood as the man who picked me up from school in his milk truck, played circus in the yard with us, who raked big piles of leaves so my siblings and cousin could run shrieking across their yard and jump in them. A man who taught us Solitaire, who started us coin collecting, who took us for Slurpies at the 7/11 who had an affinity for getting money wrapped in boxes at Christmas, who knew everyone IN THE WORLD, whom everyone loved, and who I named my son after.

He never talked about his orphaned childhood, or the many foster families he lived with, my grandmother told me that. She told me how much he loved his two daughters; to the point of being irate with her if they were bumped or bruised when he came home from working his two jobs that he held down to support them. He spent hours, and I mean hours, playing with us as children, he was the first in the family to fly cross country when my sisters were born in the far away state of Washington.

I will be forever grateful to my family for flying Thomas and I out here this week.

And when I fly home, I will be picked up by the Man I love, chose to spend my life with and the father of my child. He’ll take me home to the house we live in (even if it is falling down around our ears) and on Christmas Eve we’ll arrive at his Parent’s beautifully decorated home, for a fabulous dinner that they prepared because they love us, and I will have memories of my son with my Grandfather to share with people who truly care about my son and myself.

I will not accept that families grow apart, sometimes they fall apart, and that is the saddest thing that can happen, but in my experience family is there for you, whether to bake Christmas cookies with you or to fly you to the East Coast so that you can spend time with a beloved Grandfather, they don’t ask for thanks, they don’t make you pay for imagined hurts, and they don’t keep track of what they have done for you.

Families are love. And I’m in love with mine.

That’s right, Christmas Molasses, I’m sappy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Terrible Mommy Award (she misses Daddy)

I've showered, I finally feel normal again. Something about wearing your clothes for 36 hours really makes you feel. GRODY! Especially when traveling with an urping, spilling, sticky fingered, 9 3/4 month old. Ahh bliss, showered, fed (Toberone is my God) and hooked up to the Internet. Now if I could just get the digital to download, all would be well with my world.

I arrived in Philly early this morning, was picked up by My Uncle and we headed immediately to meet up with my mother, where Mr. Moo and I napped (about 45 minutes) then headed off to the hospital to see my grandfather. He looked, not so good for him.

My mother and my Aunt were at the end of their ropes with the hospital and their treatment of my grandfather by the time I got here this morning, and were doing everything possible to get him released and sent back to the retirement village where he and my grandmother live.

Their complaints ranged from the staff's lack of ability to bring him any food he good eat or more importantly had ordered from the menu to the fact that the infected sore on his chest from the adhesive they used to secure the heart monitor, which he is allergic too, had gone untreated since his admittance Sunday evening. They were not happy campers.

Having worked in the medical field for the last five years, I could see both sides of the story. A family trying to get their needs med for an ailing father, and a hospital staff used to dealing with Medicaid/Medicare “throw away” or those without family. The treatment my grandfather received was unfortunate at best.

Around 3:30pm EST my grandfather was released from the hospital, but not until after both my Aunt and Mother had made their unhappiness know to both the Medical Social Worker and the Nurse Manager. Then we headed back to visit with Grandmother.

A trying day all around, Mr. Moo began to come unglued about this time, he had only goldfish, apple juice and saltines all day. And he needed a nap. Several of them. My mother, sister and I made the mistake of going to dinner, where the service was sooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooow. And Mr. Moo was soooooooooooooo tired.

My sister and I finally returned to my Aunt’s house, after learning that the homecare nurse the hospital had insisted upon prior to discharge was “unavailable” this evening this would be approx 7pm EST. My Aunt and Mother stayed behind at the Retirement Facility while my sister and I headed home to bathe Mr. Moo. And ME.

In his final moments Mr. Moo, stood wailing in the playpen my mother had bought especially for our surprise visit (and thank goodness for that because, there are a ton of fun things to break here!). My sister had left to pick up my Mother so they could proceed to Philly, leaving my Aunt at the Retirement Facility overnight, and my Uncle driving home from the shore to take a night shift.

While I inflated the air mattress in my Aunt’s deserted house, Mr. Moo reached the end of his good behavior and being cooped up for 48 hours rope. Twisting the lid off his bottle he gleefully dumped the contents of his full bottle all over the new play pen, his quilt, his second pair of pajamas of the night (auntie failed to fasten his diaper tight after his bath and their was a "problem") and the air mattress.

I was pretty mad, and told him so, we were both tired and he started to cry when I plopped him back in the playpen minus the pad. Poor, poor buddy. He traveled so well, slept the whole plane ride, put up with adults holding him all day long, he misses his daddy ( I can understand that) and his doggie too.

After I cleaned him up, I cuddled him and fell asleep. What a good little baby. Now if only my camera would work with this computer, I could download some pictures.

But hey, a brave new blog has been brought to my attention, and I'm so jealous because she has the chaning upper corner picture. Ooooooooooooooh Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Jealousy. Check her out! More Art, Less Housework.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Turtle Pie

Turtle PIe Posted by Hello

Turtle Pie Story

Here is a picture of a quilt one of the Mad Quilter's made for Mr. Moo when he was born. I call it Turtle Pie.

Well we are packed and ready to embark upon our cross country journey, Mr. Moo is particularly fascinated with the suitcase. He keeps turning the wheels on the suitcase and chewing on the tag. This trip is particulary important to me because I named my son after my grandfather. That's right he is the original Milk Man! I usually pack crafts to do on the plane, but I'm thinking I'm going to have my arms full with Mr. Moo, so I nixed that idea. Onward Turtle Travelers.

Monday, December 13, 2004

A day late. A dollar short.

Well I'm a day late on the take a picture of your desk day. Sorry tania. Wait I just linked to your site and you were a day late too! ha ha! I feel better.

Of course the site of my desk sends me back into convulsions.

Disaster Area! Posted by Hello

Here we see my Carrie Hall book where I finally found a snail's trail (also known as monkeywrench I found out)pattern per a Mad quilter's request for this month's BOM.

To the right are the boxes of denim squares just waiting to be turned into Denim Fish, a pattern for fleece hats. I want to make a few to run in.


Not to mention, cute little ones for baby buddies. This is cousin Pooh Bear's hat, he let us borrow it over the weekend as we viewed Puget Sound. I'm dying to make one just like it for Mr. Moo. Maybe for me too. Maybe not.

funny hat Posted by Hello

Cookie Day was AWESOME, we have realized that we are not in our peak baking years, with a twenty month old and a nine month old underfoot, not a whole lot of cooking was done. But it is all about bonding...over cookie dough.

I would like to be working on some off the piles on my craft table but last night I recieved a call from the East Coast and my grandfather, is in the hospital so Mr. Moo and I are flying out of Seattle tomorrow evening, Philadelphia bound.

I've spent all day, laundering our clothes and trying to pack chrismas presents in around them. Fun Fun Fun.

My post maybe sporadic thorughout the next week. Bear with us.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Rain Drops keep falling on my head

Here is a picture from the Bazaar on Saturday. I’m really excited because over to the left you can see Luna the Giraffe I sold without taking a picture of her. Have I mentioned that I have sold TWO giraffes! Get nuts!

Bazaar wares Posted by Hello

Every once in awhile I’m not happy about living in the northwest. I don’t have a depressive personality but the lack of sun and constant rain in the winter can wear down even the most upbeat of us.

Especially at Christmas. Especially when you are trying to talk your husband into going to get a Christmas tree and he is staring at the ceiling (right over the spot where you want to plug in a lighted plant) and there are not one, but three drips rapidly making puddles on your floor.

I don’t have time for drips.

I want a Christmas tree, and I want to drag my presents out of storage and start wrapping them, and put them under said tree. I don’t want a soggy ceiling and damp packages.

I don’t want to spend money we don’t have on repairing our ceiling when, I want to spend money we don’t have ripping out the double layer of sheetrock in my sewing room, putting in new outlets, built in book shelves, hanging track lighting and laying linoleum.

Grump, Grump, Grump.

On the other hand, tomorrow is Annual Sister's cookie making day. My mother in law and her sister have been getting together for years and making all kinds of cookies, lemon squares, peppermint candy canes, Christmas wreathes, Macaroons, Espresso Fudge, Gingerbread cookies, Peppermint Bark, Lemon Bars, Peanut Butter Kisses (regular and gluten free), and Honey sandballs. Not to mention any other cookie that catches their fancy.

When The Man and I started dating I was invited to join this sugar fest, and when I officially married into the family I invited my sister. So now it is Sister's cookie day. This will be Mr. Moo's first Cookie day and his 2nd cousin's Pooh Bears' second. You gotta have some one around to show you how to keep these adults on their toes!

Sugar High here I come!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

No News Today

Well, I’ve spent the day cataloguing some of my sister’s belongings so that when I make that trip to the post office, I can get it all done at once. Most of my relatives live on the East Coast and so each year I shop for light gifts to mail back East and then try to get to the post office in time for those gift to get there roughly by New Years.

Goals are important!

So on this bleak and rainy day in the Pacific Northwest I have been unpacking and packing boxes, no time for blogging (sigh) but plenty of time to start panicking about finishing up those gifts and getting them in the mail.

I've also spent time screwing around with my webpage link, trying to figure out how to download pictures to it. It's not working.

I need more diet coke!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Calamitous Comedy

This is a picture of the quilt that the Stitch in Time group made for Mr. Moo. They threw me a surprise shower last January and each presented me with a quilt block (and other goodies), then two of the women pieced and machine quilted the quilt together. These women are not only inspiring to be around, but so thoughtful. A quilt from them was more than I could have asked for.

Stitch In Time Quilt Posted by Hello

Today was not such an amazing day. Mr. Moo was up from 2-4 last night, and while I did finish Romeo the Giraffe, and played some Sims while Mr. Moo had a bottle. I would have rather been sleeping. The Man had to call me at 8:30 to make sure I was up…I wasn’t.

First bummer of the day was discovering that The Man had taken the camera to work, so I couldn’t take a picture of Romeo the Giraffe or the quilt I made to go with him.

While Mr. Moo and I were showering and getting ready for our day, he laid his head on my shoulder and took a big old chunk out of my arm. I’m bruised, and surprised I didn’t drop the little biter.

Then as I was bending down to pick up the cat and throw her little patootie outside before I left for my internship, my pants split. Never a big self esteem moment, it was made better by the fact that they are corduroys brown pants and my first thought was….cool I can use these to make a giraffe. There may be something (or a few things) wrong with me, but I definitely look at clothes from a quilter’s perspective…gee, when this is worn out I can use it in a quilt.

Just this weekend I had relegated a grimy pair of crème colored corduroys to the quilting pile so this is perfect. (I’m trying to remain upbeat, about the fact that my post baby rear still won’t stuff into my pre baby pants)
I quickly changed my pants loaded the kid into the car and headed to the babysitters, where as I was taking off his jacket my son, the apple of my eye, vomited all over me. Big, chunky, cottage cheese vomit. And it smelled.

Resigned to the fact that the stars were aligned against me, I decided to just take Mr. Moo to my internship with me, since it was my last day and technically I am done with all my hours (six hours over in fact) turn in my pager, drop off Romeo and say goodbye to everyone.

When I arrived at my internship, my computer access had already been discontinued so I couldn’t do anything anyway, and my supervisor didn’t have me on her schedule today for our weekly meeting. Mr. Moo had fun crawling very fast up and down the clinic hallways and being hugged by the nurses. A bunch of prenatal nurses who would have thought they liked babies?!

Romeo went to his new home, hopefully I’ll get a picture, and someone even gave me candles as a going away present!

Apparently there was also a potluck where they were going to celebrate me leaving (in a good way I think) but they forgot to tell me about it.

Calamitous Comedy.

But other than that my day is going well. School is over till January, my internship is done, I’m home early (and the sun is out!) I didn’t run out of gas on the way home from town, Mr. Moo is napping, and I’m finally getting to my blog.

So….how are you?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bizarre, Bazaar

Well the Bizarre this weekend was not everything that it could be but it was not all bad. I sold one of my Giraffe's "Luna" who sadly I didn't get a picture of for my scrapbook, but I was gratified that someone not related to me wanted something I had made.

I made a bunch of little mittens for rugrats, becuas Mr. Moo has such fat arms that the elastic in the store bought mittens leaves big red marks on his risks...that can't feel good. I remembered that when I rowed (boats) we use to make Pogeys hat you could slip over the oars to keep you hands warm. So I made a few little ones, none of which sold, but I know some babies that are getting warm hands for Christmas.

On the positive side, since not much sold, I 'm ahead on Christmas to wrap them. And possibly get a tree.

Pogeys Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Yes, I'm up late; Yes, I have an infant

But look! Aha! Finally I’ve done something on time, and dare I say…..ahead of schedule?? Loobylu’s Month of Softies is just the sort of thing I dig.

Everyone has the same theme, November’s was Accessorized Elephants, and December’s is Holiday Hang-ups. I love it!

It’s just like a Block of the Month (BOM) everyone gets the same pattern but you do whatever you want fabric wise, quilt wise. Fun Fun Fun.

Here is my Holiday Hang up and it has a triple meaning...

Hangin' Posted by Hello

Meaning One: I have to make Gingerbread cookies for Christmas. It is a medical condition. (or maybe a sugar condition) A cookie hang up if you will.

Meaning Two: I’m so hung up on wool right now, it is just soooo slick. Fun to work with and easy to manage.

Meaning Three: I’m thinking of making a bunch of these guys to hang on my tree, because Mr. Moo can’t break them!

Happy Monday (late Sunday night)

Friday, December 03, 2004

Cranberry Pumpkin Bread Baker

Yummy! Posted by Hello

I just had to take a picture of the Pumpkin Bread batter, it looked so yummy and festive, of course the picture doesn’t do it justice, nor does it have a scratch and sniff feature so you are not able to smell the yummy smells coming from my oven.

Well today I’m getting serious about tomorrow’s bazaar, baking bread and whipping out baby mittens. I don’t have a lot of wares but I feel pretty good about the amount I’ve come up with in two weeks being at the mercy of sometimes two babies.

The Man will also have some of his pottery on the table to take up space. (*note the beautifully hand thrown bowl, I mixing my batter in, a The Man special.

Back to work.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

I am a SIMS -aholic!

It's true, while some people are finishing up their Christmas presents, or working on crafts for the bazaar they are signed up for on Saturday (uh whoops) others of us, are staying up too late and playing computer games.

Today I'm having a no SIMS day which is hard because we got the upgraded version and my kid really wants a pet. BUT NO! I'm strong. Today I worked out side in the yard, just to get away from the computer.

Next it is off to the store for supplies!

In the meantim other people are finishing projects. Here is the tablerunner that I recieved from my Secret Santa at Stitch In Time Tuesday night.

Lyn is a master machine quilter, and I aspire to one day apprentice her, after I learn to write grants, finish my master's program, and learn to fly.

Stitch In Time Tablerunner Posted by Hello


Here is a close up of the quilting Lyn did on the table runner. She's so RAD!

Machine Quilting Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

If Baby ain't sleepin'; ain't Nobody sleepin' !

Isn't that the truth! I sure do love Mr. Moo but he is such an effective alarm clock that even if you stay up until 1:30 am playing the SIMS (not working on sewing projects because that would be admirable) he is still up at 8am crawling all over your head!

Well, Mr. Moo and I headed off to the Stitch-in-Time meeting last night, unfinished tablerunner in hand. I wavered up to the last minute, I'm going/I'm not going/maybe I can call in sick. But finally I decided to go and bear the ridicule of being the lame duck with the unfinished tablerunner for the I don't know person.

Things went surprisingly well though, everyone got a good laugh out of my lameness at not knowing who my Secret Santa was because of course the leader asked me to start the exchange. So we got that right out in the open, and then I was one of three people without their runners done. One women finished hers at the meeting and another woman started hers yesterday. So I felt pretty good about my progress!

Here is my latest Giraffe, something I've finished lately! My sister requested this little lady for a baby shower she was attending. I love this fabric!


Check out Loobylu's Month of Softies, she has her Accessorized Elephant Photo Gallery up and December's theme. Go see all the pretty elephants!