Monday, November 29, 2004

Dashing through the SIMS

Now that I am not getting up at 5am to run anymore, (because Son of a Nutcracker I have a nine-month old who wants to play starting at about 2:30am, and screams if you don't agree with him about this agenda) I am able to stay up past the little guys' 8am bedtime.

I was up until eleven last night playing the SIMS and so I didn't have time to work on my tablerunner. Um. Yeah.

Here's the thing, each year my Stitch In Time group does a Christmas exchange. Last year we did stockings, and this year we are doing tablerunners. The real problem is I don't know who my Secret Santa person is. I had never seen her before last November and she hasn't come to a meeting since. Okay that may technically not be true, since I have had to miss a few meetings (we meet once a month) here and there because my classes sometimes conflict with our meetings.

Not knowing who I'm making the tablerunner for really slowed me down. This is the reason I will never be a good retail sales product producer. I need to know who I'm making the quilt, giraffe, elephant, wool pillows (holy cow am I hooked on these now) for, it makes a big difference to me in the colors and patterns I choose.

For instance one of my favorite quilts was one I made for my nephew out of Pooh fabric. Now Pooh is not terribly original but I loved the quilt because I used a Bear's Paw pattern. I love doing subtle things like that in a quilt.

I did mark the quilt last night, and begin machine sewing the crosshatching. Here is a picture of Mr. Moo attempting to help. This is of course after he wreaked havoc all over the rest of the room. He is into everything!

Marking the runner Posted by Hello

This is my first venture into machine quilting. I don't really like it. While it is technically faster, it is more stressful for me, I love the calmness and fluid motions of hand sewing. That's probably why I'm getting so much of it done. *eye rolls*

I've given myself an excuse. Christmas. I don't have to work on anything that isn't a Christmas present until January.

Of course January is when I plan on ripping down the sheetrock in my sewing room. But more on that later.

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