Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Yes Pamalamadingdong.....I did.

Yes, Pamalamadingdong, I did go.

I was wavering on the edge of not going, having spent naptime playing SIMS (the original not 2) because I’m IN a coma like state due to lack of sleep, when Pam’s comment pushed me out the door. Thanks!

It took the first three miles to whip (insert whipping noise) Jonah back into shape. It’s been about two weeks since he and I have run together and about two months since we’ve run with the baby stroller. He struggled.

The stroller appears to add a total of five minutes to my Four Mile loop up and down are road. Which is quite a bit, its’ almost like running another half mile.

The kitties took a hiatus from their hiatus to come out and wave to us as we passed by the house, Fric even ran for awhile, that’s right, everyone runs at this house! ( I would have posted a picture of kitties here, but you know...HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

The UPS guy drove by too and I was hoping he had brought me my new shoes, for being so good and going running with the family, but not so much as a note.

In other news, I checked out the Hello forum and it looks as though it is causing problems for most of the users, the forum stated they should have the bug worked out in a few days! I have got to get my priorities straight and learn HTML pronto!

Jonah the Dog’s Log
Balls started with:0
Balls lost on run:0
Balls found on run:0
Trips into the Creek: 29

A good run

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