Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Mama's new laptop

My friend is running the Sherwood Forest half marathon…um that is so cool.

And I’m so jealous.

Speaking of jealous, somebody needs more attention from Mama.

Mama's laptop Posted by Hello

There are many ways that the HP notebook is making my life better:

1) I can do homework in front of the woodstove, so I’m warm.

2) I can sit on the floor (in front of the woodstove, doing homework) and stretch my tight legs that I never stretch regularly after running, because I’m a BAD PERSON!

3) I can check my blogs, err I mean DO MY HOMEWORK! At the table while Mr. Moo plays on the floor with his toys

I'm so glad I was talked into getting this notebook! This is just one of the many reasons why we love THE MAN! Although, I afraid to say that I believe my housework productivity level will go down because, I no longer have to use the COLDEST ROOM ON EARTH, computer room, so I never will emerge from there again thinking “hmmm doing the dishes will warm up my frozen fingers.” Sorry, babe. Maybe we could get paper plates?

Well today we are printing off Mr. Moo’s first birthday invitations (yikes!) and I’m realizing I have no free weekends until March! I have to a baby shower for one of The Man’s cousins this weekend and I have an elephant to make sometime this week. Luckily Pixie Potter is headed our way today so that I will have no excuse not to get it done; I don’t even have any homework tonight! ( Ihope my prof didn't read that! I'm totally doing my reading and checking the interent for Solution Focused sources!)

I also want to make a backpack for my new laptop, I been inspired by Mariko’s and Sunni’s totes. Plus I need lots of pockets for diapers and such. I stopped by the new ROSS ( I heard they had computer bags) that just opened in Small Town USA, this am , but they don’t open till 9:30.

WHAT THE HECK? What is the point of a chain store if you can be there at the crack of dawn to pursue the stuff? Sheesh.

Check out this cool new quilt blog I found on Mariko’s site. And for you knitters out there, this woman makes me want to learn how to knit. Darn cute stuff!

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  • Let me henceforth be known as the Coldmeister with the faster computer.

    Why don't you give up the present diaper bag as a gift and make another diaper tote'un laptop bag?

    By Blogger Scott in Washington, at 2/08/2005 09:21:00 PM  

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