Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Ugly Animal Quilt

Well you’ve all heard about it and here it is, The Ugly Animal Quilt. It really isn’t Ugly and neither are the animals, I don’t know where it got the name, although it was most likely from me.

Ugly Animals Posted by Hello

Basically I put this quilt together for my first Winter Blues (which was an Apple theme because we were quilting an apple core quilt) so that those new or non-quilters who were too intimidated to work on the apple core because they might “mess it up” had something they felt comfortable working on.

Five years later, it’s still not done, sort of like my housework. The one thing I’m sure (I’m sure) you all know, since I doubt that there is anyone who does less housework than I do, is that once you start cleaning your house it suddenly becomes filthier in comparison.

House: sure Mr. Moo crawls around all day, but suddenly when cleaning I notice black kitty cat hair everywhere.
Kitchen Floor: Mr. Moo’s favorite snacking spot, covered in dried raisin spots, smashed cracker and juice stains.
Refrigerator: I store food here?!
Garbage can: Disgusting.
Microwave: YUCK

So the cleaning continues, and I thought I didn’t get any sewing done on normal days! On a great note! The plumber is here to fix the toilet and shower so I get my bathroom back again!!!

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